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Elon University in the News - Fall 2011

Elon MBA rankings, Elon University Poll data and philanthropic student projects have received recent attention from regional & national media.

Elon University faculty, students and alumni continued making news this fall for their research and service both on campus and around the nation. The Associated Press, BloombergBusinessweek, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune are just a few of the news organizations that included Elon in their coverage of current events.

The following list should not be considered exhaustive and does not include athletics news.

9/19: BNET (CBS News): “Drop That Makeup Brush and Get to Work!” is a post in the Leadership Lab blog that discusses research on grooming by faculty in the Department of Economics.

9/20: The State (Columbia, S.C.): “Gamecocks' fundraising gets $4.4M boost,” posted to The State’s GoGamecocks.com sports site dedicated to USC athletics, quotes assistant professor Tony Weaver on the success of USC’s athletics program in soliciting top dollar donations.

9/21: WFMY News 2: “Analyzing President Barack Obama’s Deficit Plan,” a 4-minute segment on the Greensboro affiliate’s Good Morning Show, featured commentary by assistant professor Mileah Kromer on the politics of Obama’s plan to cut $3 trillion from the deficit over the next decade.

9/21: WFMY News 2: “Wait, What? Strengthen Your Memory” had assistant professor Amy Overman talking with news anchor Frank Mickens on ways that adults can sharpen their ability to remember details and events.

9/23: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Former Elon athletics director to enter Wake Forest Hall of Fame” shares news of Alan White’s pending induction into Wake Forest University’s Sports Hall of Fame. White served as athletics director at Elon from 1979-2006.

9/30: Associated Press (via the Houston Chronicle): “NC poll: Majority opposes same-sex marriage ban” reports on the first Elon University Poll of the fall semester and its findings that 56 percent of state residents oppose a proposed constitutional amendment to be on the May ballot that, if passed, would prohibit gays from marrying. RELATED from Fox 8 WGHP: “Elon Officials Discuss Same-Sex Marriage Poll” RELATED from News 14 Carolina: “Elon poll: More NC residents oppose constitutional same-sex marriage ban” RELATED from WUNC 91.5 (NPR affiliate): “Poll Shows Opposition to Gay Marriage Ban” RELATED from State Government Radio: “NC poll: Majority opposes same-sex marriage ban”

10/1: (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer: “’There is nothing to be ashamed of’” profiles Chris Hendricks, an Elon alum with cerebral palsy who uses his band to share with school children messages of acceptance for those with disabilities.

10/2: (Greensboro, N.C.) News & Record: “’I Got Me an F-150’ ad makes professor long for home” was a guest column by associate professor Tom Nelson in the newspaper’s recurring “Personal Ads” feature. In it, Nelson, who is teaching this year in Italy, describes how a truck ad overseas reminding him of America. (Column not currently posted online.)

10/3: WUNC 91.5 (NPR affiliate): “Poll Finds NC Split Over Obama Jobs Bill” reports on the latest Elon University Poll and public attitudes over President Barack Obama’s efforts to tackle the unemployment rate. RELATED from the North Carolina News Network: “Obama has more than 50% disapproval in North Carolina” RELATED from WHQR 91.3 FM: “80% of NC Residents are Unhappy with Congress, Elon Poll Finds”

10/5: NC Now (UNC-TV): “Newsmaker: Barbara Gordon, Ph.D./Associate Professor of English, Elon University/Breast Cancer Survivor” is an interview with an Elon professor who wrote a book on breast cancer recurrence after doctors incorrectly thought her disease had reappeared.

10/6: Associated Press (via the Winston-Salem Journal): “Official: Obama to embark on bus tour of NC, Va.” Includes data from the Elon University Poll on approval ratings of the president that may be factoring into his decisions to campaign in North Carolina.

10/8: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Holy Day observance at Elon includes prayer, fasting” reports on the Yom Kippur celebrations hosted for the first time ever on campus.

10/8: State Government Radio: “People in Politics with Donna Martinez: Dr. Mileah Kromer” is an interview on the latest results of the Elon University Poll, with topics that include President Barack Obama’s job approval numbers, attitudes on the same-sex marriage constitutional ban proposal and more.

10/9: (Greensboro, N.C.) News & Record: “Greensboro needs visionary leaders, not partisan politicians” by David Noer, professor emeritus in the Love School of Business, pens his monthly column on the pending Greensboro City Council elections and the qualities voters should seek in their leaders. (Column not posed to the News & Record website; link goes to Noer’s personal site)

10/10: News 14 Carolina: “In Depth: Breast cancer survivor/author Barbara Gordon” is a three-minute interview with associate professor Barbara Gordon on the inspiration for her 2010 book offering advice and guidance for those whose breast cancer returns.

10/11: WFMY News 2: “Jobs Bill Could Have Real Shot in Senate” was a lengthy Morning Show segment with assistant professor Mileah Kromer on the politics involved with President Barack Obama’s jobs proposal.

10/12: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Dave Barry brings humor to Elon Convocation” is coverage of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dave Barry’s remarks at Fall Convocation and the 2011 Baird Pulitzer Prize Lecture.

10/15: Fox 8 WGHP: “The Politics of Obama’s Visit to Western NC” features excerpts of a camera interview with assistant professor Mileah Kromer, assistant director of the Elon University Poll, on the eve of the president’s two-day visit to the state.

10/17: News York Times: “Looking Toward 2012, Obama Finds North Carolina Less Receptive” uses data from the Elon University Poll to explain the president’s decision to visit North Carolina to promote his jobs proposal. RELATED from the Boston Globe: “Key backing for Obama slips in N.C.” RELATED from the Associated Press (via TIME magazine): “Obama looks to South in bid to help keep his job” The story appeared on websites of news organizations including the Salt Lake Tribune, CBS News, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post. RELATED from the Charlotte Observer: “President Obama arrives in N.C., says he's here 'to listen’” RELATED from the (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “The Obama N.C. Tour: Give Us Results”

10/17: Politico: “The Obama bus trip: A political guide” includes analysis from assistant professor Mileah Kromer on Obama’s need to engage with key audiences who fueled his narrow win in North Carolina in 2008.

10/21: High Point Enterprise: “DEATH OF A DICTATOR: Local analysts debate political impact” includes observations from Safia Swimelar, an assistant professor of political science, on the death of Moammar Gadhafi.

10/21: Winston-Salem Journal: “Ethanol is taking us down the wrong road” is a guest column by Pranab Das, a professor in the Department of Physics, on the faulty logic behind using ethanol as an additive in vehicle fuel.

10/22: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News and picked up the Associated Press:“Elon reaches fundraising milestone” covers the Ever Elon Campaign surpassing its $100 million goal. The wire story was reported by several regional news organization, including WRAL in Raleigh, N.C.; WGHP Fox 8 in the Triad region of North Carolina; News 14 Carolina; and WLOS ABC 13 in western North Carolina. RELATED from the Business Journal of the Triad: “Elon passes $100M goal in fundraising campaign” RELATED from the Times-News: “Celebrating Ever Elon campaign success”

10/26: WKBW-TV’s AM Buffalo: “Author Barbara Gordon” is a nearly 12-minute feature segment on a popular morning news program in Buffalo, N.Y., with associate professor Barbara Gordon. Gordon spoke about her book on breast cancer recurrence.

10/29: (Jacksonville, N.C.) The Daily News: “Elon alum recognized” reported on Tom Amick ’69 receiving the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award from Elon Alumni Association during Homecoming.

10/31: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “The undead walk for charity” was a feature on the inaugural “Zombie Walk and Costume Contest for Charity” in Burlington, co-sponsored by the Periclean Scholars Class of 2012. The event benefited three local charities.

11/4: WFMY News 2: “Elon Poll: NC Citizens Think Millionaires Should Pay More Taxes” reported on the latest findings of the Elon University Poll. RELATED from the North Carolina News Network: “Elon Poll asks opinions on Obama” RELATED from News 14 Carolina: "In Depth: Elon Poll on fracking, same-sex marriage and Occupy Wall Street"

11/5: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Elon student helps raise money for Honduras” notes the work of Elizabeth Perdue in raising donations for the nonprofit ProNino in the Central American nation.

11/6: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “NASCAR helps Elon students gain marketing skills” profiles the NASCAR Kinetics: Marketing in Motion team of students competing in a national contest.

11/8: WFMY News 2: “Cutting Through The Clutter In Politics” includes an interview with Associate Professor Richard Landesberg on ways for people to make sense of campaign and political messaging.

11/13: (Greensboro, N.C.) News & Record: “Building bridges to intelligent youth” was the monthly business leadership column by Professor Emeritus David Noer. (Column not posed to the News & Record website; link goes to Noer’s personal site.)

11/15: NC Now (UNC TV):“Elon University Poll” is an extended interview with Assistant Professor Mileah Kromer on the findings of the most recent Elon University Poll. Kromer’s interview begins at the 19:45 minute mark.

11/15: WFMY News 2: “Congressional Super Committee Approaches Wednesday Deadline” quotes Assistant Professor Mileah Kromer on the political implications of lawmakers’ inability to find solutions to the nation’s long-term debt crisis.

11/24: High Point (N.C.) Enterprise: “5th victim dies; motive unclear” includes an interview with Associate Professor Duane McClearn about the psychological “tipping points” that may lead people with no outward appearance of trouble to kill.

11/25: The Business Journal of the Triad: “$4M, 15,000 sq.ft. multifaith center planned at Elon U.” reports on plans for the Numen Lumen Pavilion to be built in the Academic Village. RELATED from WFMY News 2: “News From Winston-Salem, UNCG and Elon University”

11/25: The Baltimore Sun: “Pitts column misses root causes of high urban crime rates” is a letter to the editor from Elon University sociology student Leah Cronshaw.

11/28: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Elon University professor wins national award” profiles Professor Glenda Crawford, who was named the 2011 North Carolina Professor of the Year.

11/30: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Anderson named Elon vice president” reports on the promotion of Daniel J. Anderson to vice president of the newly created Office of University Communications. RELATED from the Business Journal of the Triad: “Elon names Anderson VP”

12/2: WFMY News 2: “Unemployment Rate Dropped, But That’s Not the Only Factor” had insight from Assistant Professor Mark Kurt on what accounted for a recent drop in the national and state unemployment rates.

12/3: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Elon fraternity fights cancer with facial hair” is a feature story on the Kappa Sigma fraternity’s effort to raise money for prostate cancer awareness by taking part in the “Movember” movement.

12/4: Associated Press (via Charlotte Observer): “Experts: Racial Justice Act not likely to set killers free” quotes Professor Michael Rich in the Elon University School of Law on retroactive criminal sentences.

12/5: WFMY News 2: “Research Studies Often Contradict Each Other” includes an interview with Associate Professor Eric Hall, who discusses ways for the public to judge research findings.

12/5: BloombergBusinessweek (via MSNBC.com): “The Best Business Schools of 2011” showcases Elon’s part-time MBA program, which was ranked the top part-time program in the country in November by the influential business publication. Professor Bill Burpitt, associate dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, on reasons for Elon’s success.

12/9: Chicago Tribune: “Few words can mean a lot” is a sidebar chart to a larger story on unusual college admissions essays that universities as using to distinguish applicants. Elon’s application is one that is cited.

12/10: (Burlington, N.C.) Times-News: “Klopman to retire from Elon University” reports on the June 1, 2012, retirement of Susan Klopman, Elon's vice president for admissions and financial aid, and the promotion of her successor, current Dean of Admissions Greg Zaiser '90.

12/11: (Greensboro, N.C.) News & Record: “An appeal for accountability” was the monthly business leadership column by Professor Emeritus David Noer, who wrote about the dysfunction of local governments. (Column not posed to the News & Record website; link goes to Noer’s personal site.)


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