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Scott Gaylord publishes op-ed on judicial selection in News & Observer

Elon Law Professor Scott Gaylord published the op-ed, "Electing judges still works for N.C." in the Feb. 1, 2012 edition of the News & Observer.

In the article, Gaylord recommends that the North Carolina legislature should retain the state's current system of judicial elections.

"Judicial elections provide North Carolinians with a proven way to hold the judiciary accountable for its political decisions without threatening the independence or integrity of the judiciary," Gaylord writes.

He also questions the merit of "Missouri Plan" systems of judicial appointments by select committees of states, suggesting that those systems remove citizens from the judicial selection process, fail to remove politics from the selection process, and fail to achieve a greater amount of judicial independence than systems in which the general public elects judges.

Click here to read the News & Observer op-ed in full.

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Philip Craft,
2/1/2012 10:45 AM