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Enrique Armijo presents on First Amendment and online communications at Stanford and Santa Clara

Elon Law Professor Enrique Armijo presented at the March 11-12 “Right to Information & Transparency in the Digital Age” conference at Stanford University and the March 16 “Internet Law Works-in-Progress” series at Santa Clara University School of Law.

At each forum Armijo presented aspects of his article, “Kill Switches, Forum Doctrine, and the First Amendment’s Digital Future,” examining the application of current First Amendment doctrines to online communications.

Armijo recently traveled to Myanmar (Burma) as part of a State Department-funded team of experts working with the Myanmar government and civil society there to draft a new press law and other communications-related legislation. He teaches and researches in the areas of media, communications and internet law and policy, torts, and international freedom of expression.

More information about Elon Law Professor Enrique Armijo is available here.

Philip Craft,
3/22/2013 11:35 AM