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2013 Class Gift enhances student lounge and study area


The Class of 2013 selected for its Class Gift the establishment of a significantly-enhanced student lounge area, increasing collaborative space for current and future students.  


The enhanced student lounge and study area is located on the second floor of the law school's H. Michael Weaver building, behind Cemala Commons, in a space that was used formerly for the sale of Elon Law merchandise. Merchandise is now available on the first floor of the law school near the Registrar's Office.

The new student lounge includes a new accent wall and wing wall. Once completed, the lounge will include a counter with bar stools, new tables and bar height tables. The goal is for the lounge to be complete in time for the Class of 2013 graduation weekend, May 23-26. In order to meet that goal the 2013 Class Gift Committee is building support for the Class fundraising goal of $6,000, toward the overall project cost of $13,400. 

"We are excited to share plans for the 2013 Class Gift with all members and friends of the Elon Law community, including alumni of the law school and members of the regional bar," said the 2013 Class Gift Committee in a statement. "We hope this lounge upgrade will create an inviting space, conducive to studying and interacting with fellow students. We appreciate all that you, the alumni and friends of Elon Law, are doing to pave a bright path for future alumni of the law school. We are grateful for any support that Elon Law alumni and friends are able to offer toward our Class Gift goals, helping  to increase space at the law school for collaboration among current and future students."

The 2013 Class Gift Committee is comprised of: Chris Bell, Susan Brown, Sherea Burnett, Janison Dillon, Katie Everhart, Colleen Forcina and John Warren.

For those interested in making a contribution toward the 2013 Class Gift, please be sure, in the web page associated with the following link, to choose "Elon University School of Law" in the "Apply my gift to:" dropdown menu and in the notes section below that, to write "2013 Class Gift" - http://www.elon.edu/makeagift.


Philip Craft,
5/1/2013 2:35 PM