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Rockingham Radio to air interview with Steve DeLoach

The interview about the negative macroeconomic impact of employer-financed health care is first scheduled to air August 20 and will be available online.

Professor Steve DeLoach

Professor Steve DeLoach in the Department of Economics spoke with Rockingham Radio this month about the macroeconomic consequences of the way by which companies provide health insurance to their workers.

The interview will be broadcast at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 20, on North Carolina-based Rockingham County Radio (1420 AM or 1490 AM) and will be online at wloewmym.com.

Based on a recent paper in the journal International Advances in Economic Research, which he co-authored with Associate Professor Jennifer Platania, DeLoach shared how firms hire workers for longer hours, rather than hire more workers, to finance the cost of providing health insurance.

Their paper also shows several options for financing health insurance costs that are superior to the U.S.’s current system.

Eric Townsend,
8/14/2013 3:00 PM