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Parent volunteers impact the Elon student experience

Elon offers several opportunities for parents to stay engaged with their student's campus experience.

The Kahle family on Elon's campus. 

Elon’s Family Weekend 2013 is fast approaching, signaling the arrival of parents, siblings, grandparents and other relatives to campus for a glimpse into the Elon student experience.

After a weekend filled with special events including a university update from President Leo M. Lambert, meet-and-greets with faculty, mini-classes, tailgating before the football game, and special student performances, many parents may find themselves wondering what they can do to expand their Elon involvement.

The answer is plenty, according to Elon’s assistant director of parent programs, Jake Pope ’01 G’13.

“There are several ways for parents to engage with the university while their students are on campus, and many of the opportunities don’t require a big time commitment,” says Pope. “We are always looking for parents to volunteer during opening and family weekends, at summer welcome events and through Elon’s Office of Admissions.

“Because our alumni base is so young, we also rely on parents for their professional connections. Elon parents who start a relationship with our Student Professional Development Center or join The Elon Network group on LinkedIn are often key resources for students and alumni as they seek internships, mentors or jobs.”

Elon parents Douglas and Barbara '84 Kahle have become active volunteers since their son arrived on campus, serving on Elon’s Parents Council as members of the welcome and transition committee.

“Having the opportunity to volunteer at Elon has truly enriched our experience during Sam’s college years,” says Douglas. “It is such a rewarding experience to meet new families during move-in weekend and affirm what a great choice their students have made by attending Elon. We encourage all Elon parents to take advantage of the opportunities to get involved.”

Parents also play a vital role at Elon through philanthropy. During the 2012-13 academic year, parent giving soared past the $5.3 million mark for the first time, helping lift Elon’s overall fundraising total to a record $17.5 million. Gifts from parents make a positive impact across Elon's campus, and many parents direct gifts to the program, experience or organization that means the most to their student.

Parents can contact Elon’s Office of Parent Programs to learn more about engaging with the university, and to tap into a variety of valuable resources. Through the Ask-A-Parent program, Elon parents field questions about various aspects of university life from a parent’s perspective. The Elon Parent Bucket list, compiled by current parents and staff members, lists several activities and events that parents and their students can take advantage of on campus.

Visit elon.edu/parents or contact Jake Pope, assistant director of parent programs, to learn more.


Megan McClure,
9/24/2013 9:40 AM