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Megan Squire publishes article at international replication conference

The article presents an infrastructure for the replicable study of email archives.

Building a replication architecture for the empirical study of email in software engineering research is the subject of a recent paper published by Department of Computing Sciences Associate Professor Megan Squire, entitled A Replicable Infrastructure for Empirical Studies of Email Archives.

This paper was presented Oct. 9 at the 2013 Third International Workshop on Replication in Empirical Software Engineering Research (RESER2013), a gathering of scholars who ensure replicability in the empirical studies of how software is made.

The conference was held in Baltimore, Md., in conjunction with Empirical Software Engineering International Week, an international gathering of researchers who use empirical techniques to study software engineering process. The conference proceedings are published by IEEE.

Megan Squire,
10/9/2013 3:10 PM