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Daily Yonder: Cherokee County airport authority met for 26 years without taking minutes

Daily Yonder (10/22/2013): The airport authority, which changed names a few times over the years, never kept records of its meetings. 

Online news site, Daily Yonder, reports that the Western Carolina Regional Airport's governing authority did not keep minutes of its meetings for the past 26 years. Cherokee County's attorney said the blame falls partly on the county because the board, which has had several names over the years, was not advised that it needed to keep minutes.

All seven members of the board were fired by the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners erlier this year and there have not been any subsequent meetings, the Daily Yonder reports. 

The revelation about the Open Meetings Law violation comes as part of a larger report by the news site on what effects a new casino may have on the area. 

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Jonathan Jones,
10/22/2013 4:20 PM