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Redefining discussion: How should we talk about controversial issues?

Come and hear a panel of experts and participate in a discussion relevant to our campus and our nation.  


Have you ever heard a celebrity, a political leader or a peer say something blatantly offensive and get away with it? The discussion of controversial issues within our society is cloaked in the kind of rhetoric and stereotypes that prove toxic to meaningful conversation and the exchange of differing opinions. What is the cause of this problem and is there a way we can work to change the nature of our conversations? The Politics Forum is hosting a panel of Elon staff and professors from various departments to address this issue as it is relevant to both our society and our campus relations. The panel will include Professor Laura Roselle (Political Science), Ken Hassell (Art), and Stephen Bloch-Schulman (Philosophy) and Angel Garcia (Residence Life). They will all share their own expertise from their different disciplines/areas and attempt to find a way to move our dialogues in a more meaningful direction. 

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 5 to 6:15 pm. in Moseley 215 

Sponsored by: The Politics Forum 

For more information contact Politics Forum president Niki Molinaro: nmolinaro@elon.edu


Safia Swimelar,
11/10/2013 9:20 PM