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Charlotte Observer: Town delays public records policy overhaul

From the Charlotte Observer (11/13/2013): The town of Indian Trail is considering a revamp of its records policy that would require seekers to pay deposits and hourly fees up to $43 an hour. 

The town of Indian Trail voted Tuesday night to wait several months until new council members are sworn in before voting on a proposed overhaul of its public records policy, the Charlotte Observer reports. The Union County town's new policy would require records seekers to pay a deposit on fees that are more than $100, would allow the clerk to charge up to $43 an hour for large requests, and would limit the amount of time people could spend inspecting the records each day.

Some council members said the new policy is in response to excessively large requests the town has received. Council member Robert Allen said the requests amounted to "paper terrorism," the Observer reports. 

Jonathan Jones,
11/13/2013 4:20 PM