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Online financial education seminars available

TIAA-CREF offers a variety of financial education Web seminars to Elon faculty and staff to help make investing easier.

Do you have questions about your financial future or need help trying to figure out how to plan for retirement? Just click on the links below to access the seminars. You will be asked to provide your name, email address and institution name before you can get started.

Spending within Your Means

Saving for Life’s Milestones

Planning for Today and Tomorrow

  • She’s Got It: A Woman’s Guide to Saving and Investing
    Learn how to make your future flourish. Review core concepts that guide all investing, get motivated, build a plan and take action.
  • Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for Your Ideal Retirement
    Regardless of your age or where you are in your career, retirement begins when you start saving for it. Learn how to create an effective plan to maximize your retirement potential, understand the real benefit of time in regard to saving and learn the essential features of retirement investments.
  • Attention to Detail: Financial Finishing Touches for Women
    Financial success can often complicate your life, but you can learn some ways to help stay in control of the portfolio you’ve accumulated. Learn how to allocate your investments and assets, know your options when making an estate plan, devise an elder care plan that works without worry, pursue your passion and discover the right questions to ask a financial representative.

Investing in Your Future

  • Money at Work 1: Foundations of Investing
    Regardless of age or income, reaching retirement goals requires the same things: spend less, save more. It’s really that simple. Learn the definitions of—and the differences in—investment vehicles and choosing the correct ones for your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Living in Retirement

  • Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement
    You’ve made a lot of sacrifices in order to put away enough money to retire. When it’s finally time, do you know how to get the money back? Learn the basic rules that govern the most common retirement accounts and gain perspective on when to tap into different assets.
  • Healthy Numbers: Integrating Health Care in Your Retirement Plan
    Enjoying your retirement begins with your health, but are you budgeting the costs of health care into your retirement? Learn the key ideas, trends and numbers you’ll need to help you prepare and budget for the cost of health care in retirement and learn the real benefits and costs of Medicare.
Roselee Papandrea Taylor,
1/24/2014 11:25 AM