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Mike Kingston presides at North Carolina Academy of Science annual meeting

Mike Kingston reports the thoughts of his working group at the NC-PKAL Meeting at the Museum of Natural Sciences on Friday, March 28.

Professor Michael Kingston in the departments of biology and environmental studies, who also serves as president of the North Carolina Academy of Science, presided at the 211th Annual Meeting of the Academy on March 28 and 29 at the North Carolina Museum of Science in Raleigh. 

Approximately 350 undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, researchers and scientists from around the state attended the two-day meeting focused on the theme of "Evolution in Medicine and the Environment." 

Kingston also attended the North Carolina Project Kaleidoscope Network spring meeting on March 28. Project Kaleidoscope is a national organization of faculty from around the country engaged in the development and implementation of innovative pedagogy in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  

The NC-PKAL Network meets jointly with NCAS each spring. The 2014 Spring Meeting included over 60 STEM faculty members from across the state.

Michael Kingston,
3/31/2014 7:35 AM