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Amy Overman talks with WFMY on how the brain learns new information

The associate professor of psychology offered a visual explanation to brain function in an April 11, 2014, "Kids Want To Know" segment on the popular Triad news station.  

Associate Professor Amy Overman

Associate Professor Amy Overman spoke on the set of WFMY News 2 on April 11, 2014, to answer a question posed by elementary school students during a "Kids Want To Know" segment of the news station's popular "2 Wants to Know" consumer advocacy and investigative program.

Overman, an expert on memory, aging, and the brain, is a founding member of Elon University's neuroscience program. She was invited onto the program by host Tanya Rivera and she uses a piece of wood, a plush hippopotamus and pipe cleaners to explain brain function, in addition to a model of the brain itself.

Watch the full segment and online web exclusives here.

Eric Townsend,
4/15/2014 5:25 PM