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Gov. McCrory threatens to veto charter school bill over records issue

Charlotte Observer: Gov. Pat McCrory vowed Monday to override a charter school reform bill if it allows schools to withhold names of employees. 

SB 793 is a charter school reform bill that includes an explicit statement that charter schools are subject to the N.C. Public Records Law and the N.C. Open Meetings Law. After it passed the senate, the house amended the bill to allow the schools to withhold the names of employees. 

On Monday, Governor McCrory vowed to veto the bill if the secrecy provision remained. 

“We need transparency of salary information for all public schools – both traditional and charter schools,” McCrory said in a statement his office released, according to the Observer. “I will veto any attempt to hide the names of charter school employees from the public record and I encourage the General Assembly to pass the legislation without this provision.”

Read the Observer story here.

The bill was referred to a conference committee on Tuesday. 

Jonathan Jones,
7/2/2014 2:45 PM