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Pamela Winfield interviewed online about her monograph

The associate professor of religious studies was interviewed by BuddhistGeeks.com about her monograph "Icons and Iconoclasm: Kukai and Dogen on the Art of Enlightenment."  

Pamela D. Winfield, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies; Coordinator, Asian Studies Program

The two part podcast featured Winfield in conversation with Hokai Sobol, a Croatian Buddhist priest who has uniquely practiced in both Kukai and Dogen's lineages. The hour-long discussion moderated by Vince Horn  considered whether images help or hinter enlightenment, and among other topics, addressed Kukai's unitive model vs. Dogen's purgative process in light of recent brain scan studies.

Featured interview and podcast with the author, BuddhistGeeks.com (Summer 2014)

Part I: http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/2014/06/bg-327-art-enlightenment/

Part II: http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/2014/07/bg-328-icons-iconoclasm-japanese-buddhism/


Pamela Winfield,
8/3/2014 12:25 AM