Sales Meet and Greet

The Chandler Family Professional Sales Center and the Student Professional Development Center host a meet and greet for sales-focused students and organizations looking specifically for sales talent. The event gives students an opportunity to meet sales leaders and to interview with potential employers.

The next Sales Meet and Greet will be held September 18, 2017.

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Sales Competitions

Collegiate sales competitions provide an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing a career in sales to develop their communication and presentation skills in a highly competitive environment. These events also enable students to network with recruiters and peers from across North America. Corporate partners who sponsor these events have the opportunity to find the brightest and best sales talent and contribute to sales education.

Within the competition, students engage in role plays with business executives. The role play is evaluated and scored on various aspects of the sales call, including approach and overall communication effectiveness and the ability to gather information, identify needs, provide information, present solutions, resolve concerns and gain a commitment.

Below is a list of competitions the Elon Sales Team has participated in:

  • The Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up
  • The Ball State University Regional Sales Competition
  • International Collegiate Sales Competition
  • RBI National Sales Challenge
  • National Collegiate Sales Competition
  • World Collegiate Sales Open

Students who participate on the Elon Sales Team sharpen their selling skills, improve their ability to adapt to changing environments, network with top employers and have fun competing against peers at rival schools. Throughout the weeks leading up to the sales competitions, students benefit from intense coaching sessions that prepare them not only for the upcoming competitions but also to succeed in a sales career. For more information on the Elon Sales Team, contact Dr. Erin Gillespie at

Elon Sales Leadership Dinner

The Chandler Family Professional Sales Center hosts an annual dinner to recognize top graduating sales students. The Earl D. Honeycutt, Jr. Sales Leadership Award is presented at this event. The award recognizes a senior majoring in marketing or minoring in professional sales who has shown leadership in the sales program, has the potential of impacting an organization and has demonstrated an overall positive attitude in supporting their fellow sales students.