LSB Sophomore Success  Program -
Oct. 11, 2016

1: Registration

Make a first impression at the check-in table, where you will turn in your resume and receive program materials.

Evaluated on: Dress, communication skills, first-impression.

2: Networking

Engage with employers in a 2-3 minute conversation in which you deliver your "elevator speech."

Evaluated on: Handshake, eye contact, ability to carry conversation, content.

3: Resume Review

Have your resume reviewed by an employer.

Evaluated on: Resume content and format.

4: Mock Interview

Meet with an employer for 3-5 minutes to participate in a 1-3 question behavioral-based mock interview.

Evaluated on: Answer content, confidence, communication delivery, non-verbal actions.

5: Body Language

Learn from a performing arts professor about non-verbal body language and learn how to make a strong first impression simply through posture, gestures and confidence.

6: Business Dining

Enjoy a meal with an employer representative to learn more about the industry, share information, and ask questions.