Career Development Services

The CAS Career Services Team in the Student Professional Development Center provides guidance and support to Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences students as they pursue successful careers and post-graduate work, service, or graduate school. The team assists with career exploration, job/internship searching, interview preparation, the graduate school process, and much more. To schedule an appointment, visit the Elon Job Network or call 336-278-6538.

Career Services Team

Career Planning Process

How do you get started with the career exploration process? There are three major steps in the process, although you may find that you may circle through this process many times throughout your professional life.

Learn about yourself

Begin your process of self-discovery by reflecting on your career related interests, skills, values and personality. What are the fields or types of work that capture your attention and inspire you to want to know more? What do you like to do and what skills would you like to develop? Self-assessment is essential in order to make informed decisions about your major(s) and your career choice(s).

Explore majors and career paths

Become empowered to navigate your own path by learning what occupations exist that align with your particular interests, skills, values and personality. Utilize these resources to better understand industries, job sectors, how to market your skills, and how to plan your future.

Take action

Gain experience, grow your skills, and learn how to tell your story. Find information about internships, research, service, leadership, and studying abroad. Build your resume and cover letter. Prepare for interviews. Launch your life and career.