The Elon College Faculty Excellence Awards

Elon’s mission statement calls for a rich intellectual community characterized by active student engagement with a faculty dedicated to excellent teaching and scholarly accomplishment.  To honor this call, the College presents four awards to recognize contributions of distinction in the areas of teaching, scholarship, mentoring, and service-leadership.

The Elon College Excellence in Teaching Award

The Elon College Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes one or more faculty each year who exemplifies the Elon teacher-scholar – outstanding in the classroom, current in the discipline, and committed to the intellectual development of students. As the Elon Teacher-Scholar statement reflects, “faculty strive to instill in their students a commitment to intellectual endeavors and a life-long devotion to learning and the ideals of citizenship. They share with their students a sense of the history and vitality of scholarly inquiry that emerges from disciplinary depth and expands to interdisciplinary inquiry. All faculty recognize their responsibility to convey a foundation of established knowledge, but their ultimate goal is to cultivate informed critical thinking, creative expression, and a desire to serve the common good.”

Award Winners
  • 2023: Jennifer Eidum, English, Anthony Rizzuto, Chemistry, and Sabrina Thurman, Psychology
  • 2022: Brandon Essary, Italian, Antonio Izzo, Biology, and Erika Lopina, Psychology
  • 2021: Ryan Kirk, Geography and Environmental Studies, and Titch Madzima, Exercise Science
  • 2020: Patti Burns, World Languages and Cultures, and Michael Carignan, History
  • 2019: Scott Proudfit, English and Drama & Theatre Studies
  • 2018: Shannon Duvall, Computer Science, and Polly Butler-Cornelius, Music
  • 2017: Laura Taylor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2016: Jen Uno, Biology
  • 2015: Olivia Choplin , World Languages and Cultures
  • 2014: Kim Epting, Psychology
  • 2013: Kathy Matera, Chemistry
  • 2012: Amy Allocco, Religious Studies
  • 2011: Linda Niedziela, Biology
  • 2010: Sophie Adamson, World Languages and Cultures
  • 2009: Paul Fromson, Psychology; Joel Hollingsworth, Computing Sciences and L. M. Wood, Art
  • 2008: Cindy Fair, Human Services; Kirstin Ringelberg, Art, and Scott Windham, World Languages and Cultures
  • 2007: Michael Fels, Art, and Todd Lee, Mathematics
  • 2006: Katie King, Psychology and David Powell, Computing Sciences
  • 2005: Jean Schwind, English; Fred Rubeck, Performing Arts and Robert Vick, Biology
  • 2004: Bob Anderson, Political Science and Mary Jo Festle, History

The Elon College Excellence in Scholarship Award

The Elon College Excellence in Scholarship Award recognizes one or more faculty each year whose scholarly work has a significant impact. The Elon University Teacher-Scholar model describes scholarship as “the most fundamental form of professional activity.” We value the scholarship of discovering new knowledge, integrating knowledge, applying knowledge, and developing pedagogical innovations.

Award Winners
  • 2023: Ariela Marcus-Sells, Religious Studies, and Chris Richardson, Physics
  • 2022: Pablo Celis-Castillo, Spanish, and Scott Spurlock, Computer Science
  • 2021: Amy Allocco, Religious Studies, and Andrea Sinn, History & Geography
  • 2020: Ryan Johnson, Philosophy, and Scott Wolter, Physics
  • 2019: Jason Kirk, Political Science & Policy Studies
  • 2018: Chad Awtrey, Math & Statistics and Mina Garcia-Soormally, World Languages & Cultures
  • 2017: Pamela Winfield, Religious Studies
  • 2016: Geoffrey Claussen, Religious Studies
  • 2015: Meredith Allison, Psychology
  • 2014: Cindy Fair, Public Health Studies & Human Service Studies
  • 2013: David Crowe, History
  • 2012: Tom Mould, Sociology & Anthropology
  • 2011: Ann Cahill, Philosophy
  • 2010: Drew Perry, English and Gabie Smith, Psychology
  • 2009: Charles Irons, History
  • 2008: Lynn Huber, Religious Studies and Megan Squire, Computing Sciences
  • 2007: Lynne Formato, Performing Arts and Laura Roselle, Political Science
  • 2006: Yoram Lubling, Philosophy
  • 2005: Kevin Boyle, English and Brant Touchette, Biology
  • 2004: Clyde Ellis, History; Joel Karty, Chemistry and Rebecca Toddie Peters, Religious Studies

The Elon College Excellence in Service-Leadership Award

The Elon College Excellence in Service-Leadership Award recognizes one or more faculty each year who richly contribute to the ongoing welfare and betterment of the college, university and profession. The Elon community and communities beyond Elon are strengthened by the institution’s emphasis upon engagement of faculty and students as active participants and leaders in the events surrounding them. The Elon Teacher-Scholar document states: “…as responsible members of the university community, Elon teacher-scholars also dedicate their talents, experience, and leadership skills to activities that sustain, develop, and improve the entire institution.” This philosophy is also clearly reflected in the University’s mission statement that we are to prepare students to be “global citizens and informed leaders motivated by concern for the common good” and that we will foster “personal integrity, and an ethic of work and service.”

Award Winners
  • 2023: Jessica Carew, Political Science & Policy Studies, and Matt Wittstein, Exercise Science
  • 2022: Kirstie Doehler, Statistics
  • 2021: Jason Husser, Political Science & Policy Studies, and Amanda Tapler, Public Health Studies
  • 2020: Buffie Longmire-Avital, Psychology
  • 2019: Crista Arangala, Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2018: Safia Swimelar, Political Science & Policy Studies, and Paula Rosinski, English
  • 2017: Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Physics & Engineering, and Dave Gammon, Biology
  • 2016: Paula Patch, English
  • 2015: Jeff Clark, Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2014: Caroline Ketcham, Exercise Science
  • 2013: Kirstin Ringelberg, Art History
  • 2012: Paul Miller, Exercise Science
  • 2011: Dan Wright, Chemistry
  • 2010: Janet MacFall, Environmental Studies, and Jessie Moore, English
  • 2009: Evan Gatti, Art and Karl Sienerth, Chemistry
  • 2008: Ayesha Delpish, Mathematics & Statistics, Brian Digre, History, and Prudence Layne, English
  • 2007: Jeffrey Coker, Biology, and Beth Warner, Human Service Studies
  • 2006: Tom Mould, Sociology & Anthropology, and Donna Van Bodegraven, World Languages and Cultures
  • 2005: Tom Arcaro, Sociology & Anthropology, and Pam Kiser, Human Service Studies
  • 2004: Maurice Levesque, Psychology, and Tim Peeples, English

The Elon College Excellence in Mentoring Award

The Elon College Excellence in Mentoring Award was established in 2016 to recognize one or more faculty each year. Those selected create mentoring relationships that result in significant intellectual, relational and developmental impact on the lives of undergraduate students, alumni, and/or colleagues. The Elon Teacher-Scholar document describes faculty as “…teachers, mentors and scholars…dedicated to modeling the intellectual values they seek to impart to students…As a part of a vibrant academic community, they share with their students the joy of mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.”

Award Winners
  • 2023: Vanessa Drew-Branch, Human Service Studies, and David McGraw, Arts Administration
  • 2022: Susanne Shawyer, Theatre, and Rissa Trachman, Anthropology
  • 2021: CJ Fleming, Psychology
  • 2020: Jen Hamel, Biology
  • 2019: Mussa Idris, Anthropology, and Evan Gatti, Art History
  • 2018: Buffie Longmire-Avital, Psychology
  • 2017: Amy Overman, Psychology, and Yuko Miyamoto, Biology
  • 2016: Lynne Formato, Performing Arts

The Elon College Staff Excellence Award

The Elon College Staff Excellence Award was established in 2020 to recognize one or more staff member each year who significantly advances the work of the College and their departments. Whether working directly with students or behind the scenes, their contributions help fulfill our missions of supporting all students, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, and engaging students in becoming lifelong learners.

Award Winners
  • 2023: Rick Earl, production manager for Cultural and Special Programs
  • 2022: Matthew Banks, engineering lab manager
  • 2021: All Program Assistants and Administrative Assistants across the College
  • 2020: Paul Weller, senior science lab manager and instructor, Chemistry