Elon Center for Organizational Analytics

The Elon Center for Organizational Analytics serves as a hub to bring together faculty, students and industry thought leaders to disseminate best analytics practices, solve organizational problems, and promote teaching, outreach and research in the area of analytics. The Center accomplishes this through student projects, consulting and professional training to demonstrate how analytics can be used to provide solutions for problems faced by organizations today. 


The center strives to be a leading source of data analytics knowledge creation, aggregation and assimilation.


The center focuses on educating our graduate and undergraduate students and corporate associates on the latest methodologies and tools of data analytics.

The center serves organizations throughout our community, providing ideas, innovations, methodologies, and practical implementations to produce measurable and impactful results through analytics.

The center supports faculty and student research on techniques and innovations in the theories, methods, and applications in the management of big data.

The center supports faculty training on the latest methodologies and applications of analytics.