The center aims to lead the education, research and practice of analytics across Elon’s campus.


The curriculum goals and activities of the center provide support to increase and improve the analytics-oriented components of Elon’s undergraduate and graduate courses, and to produce students competent in current analytics practice and application.


The research goals and activities of the center focus on emerging issues facing analytics practitioners and supporting research across campus on data analytics.


The practice goals and activities of the Center are grounded in collaborative interaction with the business community. The center hosts analytics thought leaders and practitioners who share their insights with students, faculty and professionals. The Center’s Organizational Analytics Roundtable series brings Elon faculty and professionals together to share case studies and emerging trends in analytics. The center provides Elon students opportunities to develop hands-on analytics experience through paid internships and consulting projects. The center supports the newly formed graduate and undergraduate analytics programs across campus through sponsorship of case competition teams and hosting networking events for professionals and students to discuss careers in analytics.

What we do

  • Support Go Global NC and The North Carolina Coalition for Global Competitiveness in their mission to develop and implement a statewide plan for global engagement across business sectors through the use of analytics
  • Develop opportunities for real world data analysis for students through data analysis projects, analytics national competitions and internships
  • Cultivate research partnerships between industry partners and faculty
  • Create a talent pipeline of employment between companies, graduates and undergraduates
  • Host events that offer new insights into analytic tools and approaches

Triangle with the following points: Industry leaders, talented faculty and engaged students