Advocate Analytics Focus
Haya Ajjan Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Data Mining, Social Network Analysis
Steve Bednar Descriptive Analytics
David Bockino Traditional Media Measurement such as Nielsen and Comscore
Catherine Chiang Descriptive and Predictive Analytics in Accounting
Steve DeLoach Descriptive Analytics and Econometrics
Brooks Depro Descriptive and Predictive Analytics, Environmental and Natural Resource Analytics, Regional Economic Impact Analytics
Kirstie Doehler Descriptive Analytics, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics and Regression Modeling
Derek Lackaff Media Analytics
Byung Lee Data Mining, Descriptive Analytics, Social Network Analysis,
Python and Text Mining
Andi Metts Descriptive Analytics
Megan Squire Python, Database Management, Web Scraping, Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
Kathleen Stansberry Social Network Analysis
Amanda Sturgill Descriptive Analytics
Brian Walsh Social Network Analysis, Text Mining, Data Mining and Visualization
Qian Xu Social Network Analysis, Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics