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Social Network Analytics Using Python
Nov. 30, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

In this workshop, Byung Lee, Media Analytics Professor at the School of Communications, will introduce faculty and staff how to use python to analyze social network data. No prior python knowledge is required.

Based on the analysis of the relationship among individuals, social network analysis tries to find the meaning of its network structure.
As social network data is more readily available and computer programs have been developed for it, social network analysis gets more popular.

This workshop will cover three things:

Part 1: Visualization
1. Understand different types of social relationship
2. Draw a graph using social network data

Part 2: Analysis of networks
1. Find the nature of a network with different nodes (individuals) and edges (relationship)
2. Interpret findings in terms of centrality, power and bottlenecks

Part 3: Solve real-life questions
1. Is 6 Degree of Separation true or a myth
2. Are friends more likely to watch the same movies than non-friends?
3. If we have to shut down airports, how many and which can be shut down while keeping all other airports connected in a network?

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