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Elon Datafest Events

Friday April 19 – Event Kickoff, Hunt Atrium Founders Hall
4:30-5:30 pm – Keynote Speaker: Cennydd Bowles, What Could Go Wrong?
5:30-7:00 pm – Registration, Pizza party, meet your mentor, and Raffle Give-Aways!
7:00 pm – Data Challenge Begins

Saturday, April 20-Sunday April 21
Teams meet to work on Data Challenge and communicate with mentors remotely for assistance.

Sunday, April 21
7:00 pm – Team Slide Presentation Submissions are due.

Monday, April 22
Concurrent events
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Judging and awards & AI Toolfest

Datafest Keynote: What Could Go Wrong?

Friday, April 19, 2024, Hunt Atrium Founders Hall, 4:30-5:30 pm

Keynote Speaker: Cennydd Bowles, (Fulbright Visiting Scholar; technology ethicist and interactive designer, and author of Future Ethics)

After a range of embarrassing and sometimes dangerous slip-ups, technology companies have been quick to defend themselves. These impacts weren’t intentional, they argue: they were mere unforeseen side-effects of innovation. Perhaps. But technologists weren’t exactly looking too hard. The industry’s resolute faith in progress has meant the few voices of internal dissent have often gone unheeded. Now a dramatic AI leap forward poses even greater opportunities and dangers. Can technologists anticipate the social and ethical impacts of their work before they occur? And are we ready for what they might find?

Register! A pizza party will follow.

Past Events


Generative AI Mini Conference with Shiva Kommareddi, Managing Director, Accenture & David Levine, Professor, Elon University School of Law

Friday, April 5 | 9:30 am – 12:00 pm | LaRose Digital Theatre

Session with Shiva Kommareddi

Generative  AI: What Does Enterprise Adoption Look Like?
In this presentation, I will discuss the following:

What are the Gen AI use cases that we are seeing get a lot of attention in the industry?
Examples of Gen AI usage in customer in Customer Service, Marketing and Operations
What jobs will be impacted, and how can you prepare?

Session with David Levine

What Do We Know and What Can’t We Know About Generative AI?

Abstract: The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 heralded the sudden and unexpected beginning of a new era in technology. In just 18 months, the world has been forced to grapple with a technology that not only computes but creates. A fundamental question must be answered if we are to understand how to think about, use, regulate, and harness generative AI for good; namely, what do we need to know and what can’t we know about generative AI? This presentation grapples with the main issues of AI understanding and information access, through the lens of trade secret law — itself the primary law way that private companies are using to monetize AI.

Conversations with Analytics Leaders

Conversations with Analytics Leaders invites field experts to campus for insightful discussions about their impactful work.

Conversations with Analytics Leaders featuring Gayle Bieler – Senior Director, Center for Data Science and AI, RTI International.

On Thursday November 2nd, 2023, we hosted Gayle Bieler. Gayle Bieler is the Founding and Senior Director of RTI International’s  Center for Data Science and AI.  RTI (Research Triangle Institute) International is a non-profit institution based in Durham, NC dedicated  to improving the human condition around the world.   Specific practical focus areas for RTI include public health, the environment and climate, education and literacy, energy and natural resources, as well as agriculture designers.  Ms. Bieler’s vision is to use the Center’s data analytics expertise  to solve important national problems, improve our local communities, and transform scientific research, working with domain experts in government and non-government organizations dedicated to the public good.  Under Ms. Bieler’s leadership, the Center strives to be a vibrant data science team that is a hub of innovation and collaboration, of inclusivity, of thought leadership inside and outside RTI, and where people can thrive and be at their natural best, while doing meaningful work to improve the world.

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Conversations with Analytics Leaders featuring Shiva Kommareddi, Managing Director, Accenture Data Analytics & AI Strategy Practice

On September 28, 2023, we hosted Shiva Kommareddi. Kommareddi founded two successful ventures that led to acquisitions, including one by Accenture. He described his impressive career journey and what he learned from working for companies like i2, SAS and Accenture and how their different cultures shaped and influenced his own entrepreneurial experiences. He also provided insights about Generative AI applications in industry, including their impact on supply chain and operations, clearly articulating the specific areas where it can provide game changing value.

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LSB Data Camp

The Love School of Business Data Camps allows students to have an in-depth conversation with Elon’s faculty about the latest developments.

LSB Data Camp: GEN AI Tutorial 3 Part Series with Dr. Mustafa Akben

GEN AI Tutorial 3 Part Series
All sessions hosted by Dr. Mustafa Akben

Tuesday, February 27 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm | Sankey 308

Simple Chatbot Customization with Prompt: Register


Tuesday, March 12 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm | Sankey 308

Retrieval Augmented Generation Based Generative AI models: Register


Tuesday, March 19 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm | Sankey 116

Advanced Generative AI Agent Models: Register

LSB Data Camp: More Analysis, Less Coding using SAS Visual Analytics with Linda Jordan, Principal Analytical Training Consultant, SAS

More Analysis, Less Coding Using SAS Visual Analytics
Hosted by Linda Jordan, Principal Analytical Training Consultant, SAS

Tuesday, February 13 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm |  Sankey 308

In this hands-on workshop, learn how to use SAS Visual Analytics to visualize your data, identify trends and examine relationships in your data.  We will also learn how to easily build and refine predictive models, and run numerous scenarios simultaneously. You can ask more what-if questions to get better, faster results. Throughout this session, we will use SAS Viya for Learners, a free cloud-based suite of applications for students and educators, which offers programming, data preparation, visualization, modeling, and more, within a single interface.

Register for the event

LSB Data Camp: Business and Social Network Analysis with Gephi presented by Dr. Hyunuk Kim

Networks are everywhere. This module introduces basic concepts of networks and then guides you to analyze business and social networks with Gephi, a stand-alone tool for calculating statistics and visualizing networks. Computer programming experience is not required. This module will cover the following topics.

Nodes, links, and network types
Centrality measures
Loading and analyzing network data in Gephi
Visualizing networks

LSB Data Camp: Generative AI Workshop for Understanding ChatGPT with Dr. Mustafa Akben of the Love School of Business

LSB/SQL Data Camp: Data Retrieval and Transformation for Analytics

LSB Data Camp: Data Visualization Using Power BI

LSB Data Camp: Addressing Bias and Equity in Data and Algorithms

Elon Analytics Day

LSB Data Camp: Accelerating Data Analysis with Alteryx


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