ARH@Elon Alumni

Our Art History alumni are awesome and this isn't just our opinion. MacKenzie Stroh Hines, who was the youngest ever Executive Director of Operations for the Greenville Arts Council in Greenville, Mississippi was recognized in 2010 in the inaugural class of the top 10 under 10, an award given to Elon's most promising young Alumni. But MacKenzie is not alone. In our relatively short but significant history, we have graduated some stellar people. Don't believe us? Check out the Alumni profiles below. These are just a few of our success stories. We don't know how Elon got along without Art History for so long, and looking at some of our Alumni profiles below, it's a good thing for Elon that ARH@Elon came along!

Alumni Spotlights

Brenau University has appointed Nichole Rawlings '10 as director of galleries and custodian of the permanent art collection

Art History/Lumen Prize alumna Elizabeth Capel '13 published in undergraduate research journal


Recent alumnus David Turner '14 has been a contributor to Rolling Stone and Pitchfork


Where did they go?

Although the Art History major is less than 10 years old our alumni have been accepted into top graduate programs for Art History, Art Criticism, Museum Studies, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Law, and Information and Library Science. Every Art History student who has applied to graduate school has been accepted to the program they most desired.We currently have or have had students attend programs at:
Université Paris-Sorbonne
American University
University of Colorado at Boulder
Corcoran College of Art & Design
Virginia Commonwealth University
Drexel University
Florida State University
University of Virginia
University of California at Riverside
Sotheby's Institute of Art in London
Stonybrook University
University of the Arts in Philadelphia
New York University
Chatham University
University of California at Berkeley
NYU Steinhardt


Alumni Directory

Adams, Brooksie, (Minor, 2007)
Allen, Laura (Major, 2011)
Armbrust, Lauren (Major, 2011)
Avallone, Anna (Major, 2012)
Baker, Alex (Major, 2009)
Beatty, Sarah (Major, 2012)
Berge, Meredith (Major, 2011)
Bishop, Jim, (Minor, 2006)
Branch, Courtney, (Minor, 2006)
Brandt, Kiley (Major, 2014)
Bryant, Lindsay (Major, 2009)
Butler, Travis (Major, 2010)
Capel, Elizabeth (Major, 2013)
Carter, Maggie (Minor, 2016)
Chang, Elizabeth (Major, 2015)
Clark, Rhi (Major, 2012)
Clements, Dylan (Major, 2011)
Cooper, Elisa (Major, 2012)
Davidson, Tyler, (Minor, 2006)
Davis, Austin, (Minor 2006)
Davis, Sara (Major, 2007)
Day, Erin (Major, 2011)
DeHoff, Katy (Major, 2013)

Doose, Victoria (Major, 2012)
Edelblut, Allison (Major, 2008)
Feldman, Olivia (Major, 2012)
Fraser, Ellen (Major, 2014)
Glosser, Caitlin (Major, 2012)
Goodall, Justin, (Minor, 2005)
Hakanson, Erika (Major, 2011)
Hall, Victoria, (Minor 2005)
Hamrick, Abigail (Major, 2013)
Hempel, Jen (Major, 2011)
Hill, Bethany (Major, 2015)
Hines, MacKenzie Stroh (Minor, 2007)
Hirama, Jason, (Minor, 2007)
Kennedy, Amanda (Major, 2011)
Keough, Jess, (Minor, 2007)
Little, Alexa, (Minor, 2007)
Malley, Melissa, (Minor, 2006)
Morris, Beth, (Minor, 2006)
Mumme, Leslie, (Minor, 2006)
Pahos, Maggie (Major, 2011)
Paul, Katelyn (Major, 2012)
Pineda, Alaina (Major, 2009)
Pulk, Elaine (Major, 2011)
Rathvon, Brittany (Major, 2016)
Rawlings, Nichole (Major, 2010)
Sanderford, Goodrich, Farley, (Minor 2005)
Schwartz, Lindsey (Major, 2012)
Sherry, Alex (Minor, 2015)
Siebert, Megan, (Minor, 2005)
Simmons, Sarah (Major, 2009)
Smith, Victoria, (Minor, 2007)
Spencer, Melissa (Major, 2009)
Spradling, Thomas, (Minor, 2007)
Stahl, Whitney, (Minor, 2005)
Staub, Rhiannon, (Minor, 2007)
Sullivan, Mary (Major, 2015)
Sweeney, Megan (Minor, 2016)
Tower, Nicole (Major, 2013)
Tucker, Emma (Major, 2015)
Turner, David (Major, 2014)
Vickerson, Caroline (Major, 2013)
Weil, Arielle (Major, 2014)
White, Meghan (Major, 2014)
Wikeen, Jaimie (Major, 2009)
Zimmerman, Rachel (Major, 2013)