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The exhibition committee at Elon University is currently accepting proposals for solo and small group exhibitions for the 2014-15 academic calendar. Priority will be given to work that is in dialogue with contemporary practices and ideas. The exhibition would ideally then be used to expand or frame conversations about contemporary definitions of art, materiality, and/or process. All mediums will be considered. Modest honorariums for solo exhibitions are offered for travel, shipping costs, speaking fees, etc.

Entry Requirements: (all to be included on a cd/dvd-NO ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS)
CD/DVD must include the following:
1. Cover letter and artist statement describing exhibition proposal.
2. Ten to twenty (10-20) digital images or video samples.  
Images saved as JPEG’s with image size set to 300 dpi.
3. Artist statement, CV, and exhibition record.
4. Mailing address and contact information (including email).

Timeline: Exhibitions during the academic year of August 2014-April 2015. Exhibitions usually run for a two-month cycle.

Entries Due: October 31st, 2013

Selection Process: A committee will review submission requests during the month of November and early December.  Artist not selected may be considered for future exhibitions.

Notification to artist: Artists should expect to be notified electronically by mid January 2014. Artists must include a S.A.S.E. if the material is to be returned.

Accepted proposals: Artists that have their proposal selected will then work with the exhibition coordinator to discuss specific exhibition dates, travel, installation, publicity, artist talk, and de-installation.  Honorariums range from 300.00-600.00 for public talk, working with students, and to assist in travel. Honorariums based on distance required for travel and shipping costs. Group exhibitions share the honorarium.

Submit proposals to:
Michael Fels
CB 2810 Art Department
Elon University
Elon, NC, 27244

Contact: Michael Fels at mfels@elon.edu for further information


Exhibitions Fall 2013 Cycle

Monday, August 20th
Jim Hopfensperger and Nowal Motawi: Recent Work
Arts West Gallery
Hopfensperger’s functional furniture pieces illustrate comparisons, contrasts, and reconciliations between the history of handmade objects and the culture of mass production, serving as reminders of the elegant relationships and essential connections among the human hand, the eye, and the mind.  
Motawi hand-crafts art tile in an Ann Arbor, MI studio. These distinctive tiles are known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture.
Exhibition runs from August 20th through Friday, Sept. 27th.


Monday, October 28th                                                                                                   
Jason Lahr: Signal Jammer
Artist Talk: Yeager Hall, 5:30-6:30 p.m.                                                                   

Closing Reception: ICR, 6:30-7:30 p.m.                                                                
Jason Lahr’s paintings combine darkly comic texts with appropriated images, creating shifting narratives of working class male identity as influenced by popular culture.   The images are pulled from a wide range of popular and sub-cultural ephemera while the texts are fragments that suggest their excision from a larger story, and give the reader/viewer flashbulb glimpses at moments of narrative action. 
Lahr’s Exhibition runs from August 20th through October 29th

Monday, September 30th                                                                                                   
Morgan Craig: Form, Function and Futility: An Exploration in Architecture and Identity
Artist Talk and Reception: Arts West Gallery 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Morgan Craig believes that architectural structures acting as both repositories and as vehicles for memory profoundly influence culture and identity by providing a tangible framework through which facets of a society can be expressed. Consequently, Craig has been inspired to build a body of work dealing with how identity is influenced by the types of architectural edifices present in a given landscape. So often the post-industrial edifices are dismissed as symbols of failure, danger, and/or obsolescence. While evidence of these pasts or present-day difficulties may not be pleasant, Craig feels it imperative that societies not ignore their existence and their impact on the past, present, and future understanding of societies.  Craig’s exhibition runs from September 30 through

October 30th  
Thursday, November 14th
SJE: Student Juried Exhibition:
Opening Reception and Artist talk, Isabella Cannon Room, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

The annual Juried Student Exhibition represents some of the strongest art selected from currently enrolled Elon University students.  This exhibit is coordinated and executed completely by the students enrolled in Art 380: Professional Practices.
Exhibition runs through Tuesday, December 3rd.

Monday, November 4th
Leslie Mutchler: TrendFACTORY: ELON                                                                    

Opening Reception and Artist talk, Arts West Gallery, 12:30-1:30 p.m.
A community-driven, multi-participatory installation that explores issues related to hand (craft), the physicality of labor, and the repetition of memes in the virtual world through hand-manufactured objects. It utilizes the gallery as a workspace and its existence is dependent on audience participation.
Minimalist workstations are placed around the space for viewers to construct a cultural artifact, a non-functional art object, using guidelines and basic tools. The byproduct of the participants' physical production is uploaded to a common media-sharing platform (tumblr) by using a smartphone. Once these objects are catalogued in the database for posterity and analysis, they are dismantled and left in the “recycling” bin for another viewer to build a new, repeating the cycle throughout the course of the exhibition.
Exhibition runs through Thursday, Nov. 28th.

Monday, December 8th
LM Wood: Digital Fabrications                                                                            
Opening Reception and Artist talk,
Arts West Gallery, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

LM Wood, Associate Professor of Art at Elon, presents an exhibition of fiber based and mixed media art. This exhibition represents her most recent scholarship created during her Fall 2012 sabbatical.
Exhibition runs through Thursday, Feb. 6th.