Department of Chemistry

Proposed Courses of Study

Elon offers an American Chemical Society (ACS)-certified Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. The ACS-certified B.S. is the preferred course of study for entrance into graduate school. The B.A. is also excellent preparation for studies in chemistry and medicine. Because it requires fewer credit hours than the B.S. degree, the B.A. degree in chemistry is an ideal option for a double major. Students completing either chemistry major will be prepared for careers in the chemical industry or graduate studies in chemistry or chemically related fields.

In addition to the degrees in chemistry, Elon also offers a B.S. in biochemistry. Biochemistry focuses on those processes that occur at the molecular level in living organisms. The goal of the biochemistry major is to provide an in-depth, interdisciplinary foundation in the chemistry and biology needed to understand these processes. Students completing this major will be prepared for careers in the biotechnology industry or graduate studies in biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology or medically-related fields.

Elon also offers a dual-degree program in engineering in conjunction with Columbia University, Washington University (St. Louis), North Carolina State University, N.C.A&T and Virginia Tech. Students spend three years at Elon and complete the program by taking engineering and related courses for two years at an affiliated university. Upon graduation, students receive a B.A. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering from Elon and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the affiliated institution.

Advice about coursework:

* Do not take major courses over the summer. The information cannot be assimilated well and it will affect later courses.

* Work together with peers -- chemistry is a challenging major but if you work together and avoid competing for every little grade then it is definitely do-able.

* Keep your books, especially your General Chemistry text. You will be surprised how much you refer back to them.

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