Political Science Major

A major in Political Science requires the following courses:

POL 111 American Government 4 sh
POL 161 Comparative Politics 4 sh
POL 220 Research Methods in Political Science 4 sh
POL 461 Senior Seminar in Political Science 4 sh

One course selected from the following: 4 sh

POL 120 Introduction to Political Thought
POL 301  American Political Thought
POL 302 Democratic Theory

Twenty-four additional hours in Political Science 24 sh 

TOTAL 44 sh

It is strongly recommended that Political Science majors, in consultation with their advisors, select a subfield or topical concentration. Subfield and concentration courses will be chosen from among 24 elective hours. With the approval of the student's advisor, up to four hours from outside the political science and policy studies department may be applied toward the major to facilitate a concentration. No more than eight internship hours may be applied to the major.

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