Recommended Courses

Law schools strongly discourage students from graduating with a pre-law major. Instead, they prefer applicants who have a broad liberal arts education, and who have specialized in a major that interests them.

Therefore, there is no pre-law major or minor at Elon. Instead, students in the pre-law program are given individualized recommendations from their pre-law advisor about which courses to take to improve their chances of gaining admission to law school -- and doing well once they are there. Pre-law students are encouraged to major in whatever field they choose. There is no "preferred" major when applying to law school.

What is important is that pre-law students develop sharp skills in writing, reading, and critical thinking. Therefore, there are some courses at Elon that your pre-law advisor will suggest to you because they help develop these skills. 

Among the courses that you may be advised to take:

  • Critical Thinking (PHL 113)
  • American Government (POL 111)
  • U.S. History (HST 121 or 122)
  • Constitutional Law (POL 323)
  • Civil Liberties (POL 324)
  • Law and Humanities (ENG 255)
  • Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric (ENG 215)
  • Grammar (ENG 205)
  • Understanding Rhetoric (ENG 304)
  • Philosophy of Law (PHL 341)

Again -- this is not a required list of courses, and your advisor may recommend different classes based on your interests and strengths. Make sure you discuss your classes with your major advisor first, and then with your pre-law advisor.