Military Science

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Programs of instruction for the Army ROTC include a four-year program and a two-year program. The four-year program consists of a two-year basic course, a two-year advanced course and the advanced ROTC Summer Camp. The two-year program encompasses a basic ROTC Summer Camp, a two-year advanced course and the advanced ROTC Summer Camp.

Basic Course

The basic course is normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years. The purpose of this instruction is to introduce the student to basic military subjects: branches of the Army; familiarization with basic weapons, equipment and techniques; military organization and functions; and the techniques of leadership and command. It is from the students who successfully complete this instruction that the best qualified are selected for the advanced course which leads to an officer’s commission.

Credit for the basic course can be obtained by successfully completing the following courses:

MSC 111  Introduction of Citizen/Soldier 1 sh
MSC 112 Introduction to U.S. Military Forces 1 sh
MSC 141, 142  Leadership Laboratory (2 sh/each) 4 sh
MSC 211 Development of Professional Military Skills I 1 sh
MSC 212 Development of Professional Military Skills II 1 sh
MSC 241, 242 Leadership Laboratory (2 sh/each) 4 sh
 TOTAL 12 sh

Successful completion of MSC 251 ARMY ROTC Basic Camp or prior service in the Armed Forces can be used to obtain appropriate credit for the basic course.

Advanced Course

Students who receive appropriate credit for the basic course and meet eligibility standards are admitted to the advanced course on a best-qualified basis. Successful completion of the advanced course qualifies the student for a commission as a Second Lieutenant in one of the branches of the United States Army, Army Reserves or Army National Guard. The following courses are required for completion of the advanced course:

MSC 311 Leadership Training 2 sh
MSC 312 Introduction to Military Team Theory 2 sh
MSC 341, 342 Leadership Laboratory (2 sh/each) 4 sh
MSC 351 Army ROTC Advanced Camp 4 sh
MSC 411 Seminars in Leadership and Professional Development 2 sh
MSC 412
Leadership, Law and Ethics
2 sh
MSC 441, 442 Leadership Laboratory (2 sh/each) 4 sh
 TOTAL 20 sh

Two-year Program

This program is designed for junior college students or sophomores at four-year institutions who have not taken ROTC. A basic five-week summer training period after the sophomore year takes the place of the basic course required of students in the traditional four-year program. When a student with two years of college has successfully completed the basic summer training, he/she is eligible for the advanced ROTC course in his/her junior and senior years. The advanced course, which leads to an officer commission, is the same for students in either the two-year program or the four-year program.

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