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The Executive Intern Program at Elon University



The Executive Intern Program provides approximately 4-8 juniors and seniors opportunities to:

  1. work with mentors from the university senior staff,
  2. develop leadership skills,
  3. learn about higher education administration and senior organizational management, and
  4. work on projects developed together with senior staff members.

Students attend orientation and introductory sessions during the fall semester, shadow their mentors and complete projects in Winter Term, and in the spring conclude the program through reflection and capstone experiences and disseminate the findings of their projects to appropriate university personnel. The program is administered through the Office of the President under the leadership of a student program coordinator.  

For questions, please email Jeff Stein, chief of staff to the Office of the President, at jstein@elon.edu.

Program Goals

  1. To provide an apprenticeship experience in the field of higher education
  2. To provide leadership development through an on-campus executive internship
  3. To enhance communication between senior staff and students
  4. To foster deeper student understanding of Elon University

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The Executive Intern Program is coordinated by the Office of the President at Elon University