FR&D General Information

FR&D (Faculty Research & Development) is a standing committee of the Faculty whose primary work is receiving, evaluating, and approving proposals related to faculty research and development (see Faculty Handbook I-5). All proposals for FR&D awards are due in the fall, between the months of September and November, and are for awards in the following summer or academic year. FR&D does not award funding for a current academic year and does not have a spring cycle of awards. Due dates for specific awards include the following for academic year 2014-15:

Reassigned-time Fellowships: Friday, September 19
Full-Year/Full-Pay Sabbatical: Wednesday, October 1
Sabbaticals: Friday, October 17
All other FR&D awards: Monday, November 3

Detailed information about specific awards can be found on the Faculty Funding site, where awards for FR&D and other sources are categorized under the headings of "Funds for Stipend," "Funds for Replacement," and "Funds for Reimbursement."

(Because all proposals must be approved by one's chair and dean, faculty should aim to submit their proposals ahead of the due date, leaving ample time for review and approval. FR&D suggests two weeks ahead of due dates. Proposals not approved by both the appropriate chair and dean do not reach the committee for review, as the entire process is completed online.)

Applying for FR&D Awards

Proposals for all FR&D awards are submitted online. However, faculty develop proposals in Word, save them as PDF, and upload them online as part of the application process.

Are you ready to begin developing your proposal now? You do not have to wait for the system to be open to begin drafting a proposal; a standard set of questions applied to all proposals can be found here and used to begin developing proposals at one's leisure.

The committee seeks good, compelling proposals from the faculty.


FR&D receives a number of questions each year about awards, application processes, etc. Some will be unique and should be addressed to FR&D Chair, Bill Andrews. But this FAQ offers answers to some of the most common questions.