Funds for reimbursement are given to applicants for expenses for travel, equipment, supplies, registration, etc. These funds generally require a receipt or an invoice to document the purchase/service before reimbursement or payment is made.

Travel Funds

  • Funding Group: Deans of Elon College, Business, Communications, and Education
  • Eligible to apply: Faculty on full-time, permanent contracts. Contact appropriate dean.
  • Scope of funding: Reimbursement of expenses related to professional activities (e.g., conferences).
  • Deadlines and decision dates: Travel requests should be submitted to and approved by department chair and by the dean’s office before any arrangements are made. Check with dean’s office for dates.
  • Additional information and application form: Deans’ offices
  • Note: To request travel reimbursement, fill out a Travel Reimbursement Request form, attach all receipts, and forward to the dean’s office within three weeks of completion of travel. Cash advances for travel may be available under special circumstances.

Professional Development Funds

  • Funding Group: Deans of Elon College, Business, Communications, and Education
  • Eligible to apply: Faculty on full-time, permanent contracts.
  • Scope of funding: Limited funds are available to support faculty development beyond the annual travel allocation. Funding is to provide additional resources for specific faculty development needs; need should be based on Professional Development Plan
  • Deadlines and decision dates: Throughout year but no later than April 1. Request should be made to dean’s office, preferably after conversation with department chair
  • Additional information and application form:  Contact deans’ offices

Faculty Research & Development: Research, Development, or Advanced Study

  • Funding Group: Faculty Research and Development Committee
  • Eligible to apply: Full-Time, permanent Faculty
  • Scope of funding: Faculty are encouraged to apply for funding that supports their research or creative activity (e.g., equipment, resources, travel related to fieldwork/research) or significant professional development. Note: These funds may be requested in addition to other FR&D funding requests.
  • Deadlines and decision dates: Proposals due before the end of the day on November 1. Late proposals will not be received or reviewed. Decisions made by the end of the Fall term.
  • Additional information: See Professional Development in the Faculty Handbook
  • Application form:  Click here

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Faculty Travel Funds

  • Funding Group: Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Eligible to apply: All faculty
  • Scope of funding: CATL’s Faculty Travel Reimbursement Grants of up to $1000 support faculty involvement with the scholarship of teaching and learning and national or international conferences and programs to support effective, innovative, inclusive, or scholarly approaches to teaching and learning. This program provides matching funds to supplement travel support from other parts of the University. These grants fund presentations on the scholarship of teaching and learning or attendance at conferences or workshops to develop one’s pedagogical skills. They do not fund travel to present disciplinary research or to present on or learn about materials for course content.
  • Deadlines and decision dates: Rolling deadline; decisions made bimonthly
  • Additional information: Contact CATL

Academic Technology Committee (ATC) Grants

  • Funding Group: Academic Technology Committee
  • Eligible to apply: Faculty
  • Scope of funding: Funds to purchase software for use in specific academic fields. Purpose is to provide seed money to investigate the qualities and applications of special programs with the potential for broader integration into the teaching/learning process.
  • Deadlines and decision dates: No set dates. Requests must be applied for, approved, ordered and received by April 1.
  • Additional information and application form: Chair of Academic Technology Committee