Past Columns

In My Words: Sun rises to take on climate change

In the lead up to Earth Day 2015, Associate Professor Dave Gammon writes for regional newspapers about the falling costs of solar energy and the bright news ahead for both the environment and industry.

In My Words: Avoid a job in journalism? Not so fast

Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher and Kaitlin Ugolik '09 co-authored a column for regional newspapers in defense of journalists and the vital role they play in creating an informed democracy.

In My Words: Forgetting lynching at our peril

Professor Rebecca Todd Peters recently published a column on the Huffington Post and in regional newspapers about the complexity of teaching her young daughters about the history of racism in the United States and the concept of privilege.

In My Words: The 'Friendship Nine' show that history keeps evolving

Kenn Gaither, an associate professor and associate dean in the School of Communications, writes in regional newspapers about his experience growing up the son of a civil rights activist and what a recent South Carolina courtroom decision says about today's struggles for social justice.

In My Words: 'Empire' and the Lyons are the new modern family

FOX's "Empire," one of 2015's most popular new television programs, is setting Hollywood records for audience growth, and Associate Professor Naeemah Clark writes in a column for regional newspapers about some of the reasons behind its success.

In My Words: To help stem immigration crisis, U.S. drug policies must be reconsidered

Associate Professor Mathew Gendle writes for several regional newspapers about the impact drug laws have on foreign nations and how changes to American policies will create civic stability elsewhere, which can influence the number of people seeking refuge in the United States.

In My Words: Lord Mansfield shows why Jane Austen still matters

Professor Rosemary Haskell reflects in a newspaper column on the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park" and points to issues of poverty, class and gender that remain relevant today.

In My Words: Ben Bradlee's greatness was found in his commitment to the truth

Using stories from his own interactions with the journalistic legend, Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher authored a reflection for regional newspapers on the October death of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee.

In My Words: Teaching my dad a lesson

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark authored a newspaper column that reflects on the relationship she shares with her father and her recent efforts to teach him social media best practices.

In My Words: Eric Holder - Unpopular for all the right reasons

Associate Professor Prudence Layne writes in regional newspapers about the legacy of outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his role in addressing racial inequalities in the United States.

In My Words: Boy, time flies

After his only child moved away this fall to college, Associate Professor Thomas Nelson writes in regional newspapers about the passage of time and how life fulfillment must now come from new sources.

In My Words: U.S. has moral imperative to help children at the border

Elon University professors Mathew Gendle and Carmen Monico co-authored a newspaper guest column in which they argue U.S. actions played a role in the nation's southern border crisis and that all citizens have an obligation to aid children fleeing their homes in Central America.

In My Words: Coal ash legislation shows the political system can work

Associate Professor Dave Gammon gives credit in regional newspapers to North Carolina lawmakers who recently passed a law that helps prevent future coal ash spills like the one earlier this year that polluted the state's Dan River.

In My Words: America must midwife an independent Palestine

Professor Tom Arcaro writes for regional newspapers about the need for the United States to take a leadership role in the creation of a Palestinian state, which he argues will promote regional stability and make America more secure.

In My Words: Retelling the past is harder than you think

A new James Brown biopic gives Associate Professor Naeemah Clark an opportunity to reflect on her own research into "Soul Brother No. 1" on the opinion pages of several regional newspapers.

In My Words: The numbers on mental health

Following the suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams, Assistant Professor Jason Husser examines survey data on American attitudes toward mental health and calls for more efforts to be made to remove the stigma of depression.

In My Words: A single #hashtag never created lasting change

Associate Professor Prudence Layne describes in several regional newspapers the fleeting nature of social media hashtags and how only a proper education can effectively combat social injustice.

In My Words: When did 'elite' become a bad thing?

Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher authored an opinion column for several North Carolina newspapers about the disdain politicians can show toward those at the very top of their professions.

In My Words: Science, religion and emergence of human life

Professor Pranab Das writes in regional newspapers about the missed opportunity for reasoned debates and conversations on the nature of human life in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision on Hobby Lobby, insurance and birth control.

In My Words: Television advice can be another way to build community

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark writes for several regional newspapers about the role she fulfills, and the community she builds, when sharing television show recommendations with friends and loved ones.

In My Words: In the World Cup, 32 nations comprise one tribe

After watching parts of the World Cup from where he's lived this spring in Costa Rica, Professor Tom Arcaro writes for regional newspapers about common humanity on display in the largest global sporting event of the year.

In My Words: 'Slow violence' against N.C. schools harms us all

Professor Steve Braye laments lawmakers' treatment of North Carolina public school teachers and students in a guest column published by regional newspapers.

In My Words: Good teachers already know about trigger warnings

Professor Rosemary Haskell authored a column for regional newspapers in which she analyzes a national debate over professors warning students in syllabi about sensitive material to be covered in a course.

In My Words: As one angel ascends, millions of 'phenomenal women' remain caged

Associate Professor Prudence Layne wrote a column for regional newspapers on the legacy of poet, author and activist Maya Angelou, who died at home in North Carolina on May 28, 2014.

In My Words: Advice for new college graduates out to save the world

Professor Tom Arcaro writes for regional newspapers about the keys to success for fresh college graduates joining international aid and development organizations like the Peace Corps and OxFam International

In My Words: For dedicated educators, parting really is sweet sorrow

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark writes for regional newspapers about the joys and sadness each spring of watching students graduate.

In My Words: United Church of Christ brings the fight for equality to North Carolina

Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher writes in several regional newspapers about the activist history of a church that filed a federal lawsuit to overturn North Carolina's constitutional ban against same-sex marriage.

In My Words: Media shades the truth when it comes to colorism

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark criticizes in newspaper guest columns an entertainment industry that perpetuates standards of beauty that celebrate lighter complexions over elegance also found in people with darker skin.

In My Words: Speaking clearly is a skill that's, like, lacking, you know?

Too many "filler words" are making too many people look less than confident about their ideas, and Mark Fox, who teaches public speaking in the School of Communications, offers suggestions in regional newspapers on countering the problem.

In My Words: Relationship between science and faith is still evolving

Associate Professor Dave Gammon writes in a newspaper opinion column about the tension between strong religious adherents and members of the scientific community, arguing how the two groups aren't mutually exclusive.

In My Words: The Fab Four and the fantastic fortunes of failure

On the 50th anniversary of The Beatles making their American television debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show," Associate Professor Michael Frontani shares insights in regional newspapers about early setbacks for one of the biggest bands of the modern era.

In My Words: Dreaming of rainbows but cashing bad checks

Associate Professor Prudence Layne authored a newspaper guest column for the MLK Jr. holiday in which she reflects on the shared legacies of the slain American civil rights leader and his counterpart in South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela.

In My Words: The climate change war may already be over

Professor Pranab Das writes in a newspaper opinion column published across the region about the reasons climate change has subsided from public debate in recent years.

In My Words: New Year resolutions require 'SMART' approaches

Liz Bailey in the Department of Health and Human Performance shares in regional newspapers her advice for setting realistic and obtainable goals for improving your life in the new year.

In My Words: Our 'global community' is alive and well

Professor Tom Arcaro illustrates in a newspaper guest column how humans now more than ever are looking beyond politics and lines on a map to provide comfort and aid to those in need.

In My Words: Real women of the hair salon

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark in the School of Communications writes in a newspaper opinion column how several "reality" television programs don't accurately portray the roles African-American women play in their communities.

In My Words: Supporting those on the front lines of support

The recent kidnappings of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers in Syria are the backdrop to a newspaper column from Professor Tom Arcaro on the responsibilities people have to assist aid workers.

In My Words: Stop arguing about the science of climate change

Public policy debates on addressing climate change are one thing, but in a newspaper guest column, Associate Professor Dave Gammon says it's time to move past disagreements about the scientific data proving that humans are largely the cause.

In My Words: In defense of 'Invisible Man'

When a North Carolina school system temporarily pulled "Invisible Man" from its libraries,  Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher turned to newspaper opinion pages to explain why such bans are misguided.

In My Words: A strike to end the war in Syria

With relatives in Syria and steeped in its history, Assistant Professor Haya Ajjan writes in a newspaper guest column about the need for U.S. military involvement to end a brutal civil war while putting a stop to the use of chemical weapons in her home country.

In My Words: Beautiful, strong … and invisible

Associate Professor Naeemah Clark writes in a newspaper guest column about the lack of minority female role models on television who can be a positive influence for all girls of color.

In My Words: Changing the narrative of the future in Honduras & the world

Professor Tom Arcaro writes in a newspaper guest column about a new model for delivering humanitarian aid around the globe, and he calls on colleges and universities to be a part of finding solutions to challenging social ills.

In My Words: Anti-nationalism and atheism from a Founding Father?

Professor Tom Arcaro writes in a newspaper column that Americans should consider what the author of "Common Sense" had to say about patriotism and religion.

In My Words: New efforts needed to meet goals of Clean Water Act

Associate Professor Janet MacFall writes in a newspaper column about the successes of the landmark environmental legislation and the failures where renewed energy is needed.

In My Words: What unsavory mockingbirds teach us about ourselves

Think your life is bad? In a newspaper guest column, Associate Professor Dave Gammon shares research that shows other species - especially mockingbirds - have it worse.

In My Words: Don’t let a sensational trial convict our whole justice system

The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin  sparked cries of a broken system from many Americans, but Assistant Professor Kenneth Fernandez warns about the risks of possible court reforms.

In My Words: Ignore the hype, for North Carolina’s future is strong

The New York Times and other national media outlets have recently published opinions critical of the state, but Assistant Professor Jason Husser counters that the best is yet to come in North Carolina.

In My Words: Just another Moral Monday

Professor Jeffrey C. Pugh writes for several North Carolina newspapers about his observations of a recent "Moral Monday" protest in Raleigh as national media cover demonstrations against state policy decisions.

In My Words: A child’s fight for life exposes facts about organ donations

Professor Mary Jo Festle argues in a newspaper guest column that it's unfair to label the nation's organ transplant system as "senseless" because of one girl's battle for new lungs.

In My Words: Personal responsibility the first step in making a safer world

Professor Tom Arcaro argues in a newspaper guest column that relying on legislation or new public policies isn't enough to make corporations protect their workers.

In My Words: After Pakistan’s elections, a troubled alliance drones on

Associate Professor Jason Kirk writes in a newspaper guest column how recent elections in the world's sixth-largest nation won't necessarily make the road ahead any easier for the United States.

In My Words: Don't turn a blind eye to evil in Syria

In a newspaper guest column, Assistant Professor Haya Ajjan, urges the international community to take action to stop the violence in her war-torn home nation.

In My Words: The first steps toward healing involve remembering

Assistant Professor Jason Husser writes in a newspaper column about his childhood home's plan to honor a black sheriff's deputy slain in the 1960s.

In My Words: The case for government investment in journalism

A newspaper guest column by Associate Professor Michelle Ferrier argues that government can play a role in developing the next generation of storytellers.

In My Words: In death, Thatcher remains larger than life

A guest newspaper column by Professor Rosemary Haskell reflects on the legacy of Britain's former prime minister.

In My Words: Beware the education-industrial complex

Professor Tom Arcaro writes in regional newspapers that public policy debates over higher education miss a critical question.

In My Words: Easter season resurrects Mom’s mystery

Associate Professor Tom Nelson writes in a newspaper column how a recent visit to NYC reminded him of his late mother's dying confession.

In My Words: Rethink what you know about 'the South'

A Winter Term course with International Fellows inspired Assistant Professor Jason Husser to explain why stereotypes can hurt a region.

In My Words: Statistically, we don’t use calculus much
Associate Professor Dave Gammon suggests in a newspaper column that statistics courses - not calculus - may be more helpful for students.
In My Words: Everyone wins when labor, management cooperate
Professor Mary Gowan argues in a newspaper guest column that corporate executives & union leaders need to build healthier relationships.
In My Words: Shadows of 'Animal Farm' haunt us today
Two years into the Arab Spring, Professor Rosemary Haskell writes in a newspaper guest column how Orwell's novel remains relevant.
In My Words: We're all to blame for cliff diving
Assistant Professor Jason Husser uses a newspaper guest column to suggest ways for Americans to foster cooperation in Washington.
In My Words: When preventing crime stunts moral growth

Should we keep people from being able to choose to break the law? Associate Professor Michael Rich poses the question in a newspaper column.

In My Words: It's not the end of the world
In a newspaper column, Associate Professor Tony Crider looks back on the media buzz surrounding the Maya prophecy that didn't come true.
In My Words: When not every child is created equally
Professor Tom Arcaro offers a global perspective on the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in a newspaper guest column.
In My Words: What I saw at the gun show
In a newspaper opinion column, Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher recounts his experience at a gun show the day after the Newtown tragedy.
In My Words: Another year, another Apocalypse
With the Maya calendar in the news, Associate Professor Lynn Huber sheds light on what "apocalypse" really means in the Bible.
In My Words: Laughing at ‘secession’ misses the bigger problem
In a newspaper column, Assistant Professor Jason Husser explains the discontent that compels people to push for independence from the United States.
In My Words: 'Sleeping giant’ shapes American politics
Kenneth Fernandez, director of the Elon University Poll, looks ahead to future elections and the role Latino voters will play in deciding outcomes.
In My Words: Sandy brings climate change back for discussion
In the wake of a devastating storm, faculty members Michael Strickland and Janet MacFall say now is the time for lawmakers to hold serious debates.