Background and Process

Recognizing the demands and constraints of today’s media environment, the Elon University News Bureau has developed a service to provide newspaper opinion pages with thoughtful viewpoints on any number of public policy issues and current events.

Faculty members with an interest in writing newspaper opinion columns work with the news bureau to craft submissions using Associated Press style and journalistic best practices. Viewpoints shared by this syndicate are those of the professors and not of Elon University.

Elon University distributes columns to all newspapers at the same time along with high-resolution portraits to accompany submissions.

Should an opinion page editor wish to request a topic-specific column, the news bureau will attempt to identify a faculty member with the background and availability for answering the request in a timely fashion. “On-demand” columns will be distributed to all partners once the requesting newspaper publishes the submission. If an “on-demand” request is published on a Sunday, Elon will wait seven days to distribute the column.