Information for Newspaper Editors with Interest in Joining the Syndicate

The Elon University Writers Syndicate is open to any newspaper that contacts the Elon University News Bureau with interest in participating.

Terms of Service

This service imposes no financial costs on partnering newspapers or Elon University. Newspaper partners are under no obligation to publish submissions and retain the right to edit for clarity or length.

Elon University promotes the faculty columns on a specially created website ( and through various social media channels. The site includes links to the partner websites. It also showcases social media widgets that draw Twitter and Facebook feeds from newspaper accounts.

Newspaper partners are asked but not required to provide either a printed copy of the edition featuring Elon University faculty columns distributed via this service; a digital PDF file of the page in which the column appears; or a direct link to where the column appears online.

Contact Information

Twitter: @ElonOwen