Diversity and Global Engagement

Diversity & Global Engagement

A Community that Values Difference & Inclusion

At Elon experiential education that encourages inquiry and transforms students into global citizens with respect for difference occurs seamlessly inside as well as outside the classroom. In the classroom, across Elon's six schools—Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences; and the professional schools of Business, Education, Communications, Law, and Health Sciences, students are challenged through a variety of majors and interdisciplinary programs to achieve cultural understanding. Outside the academic setting global awareness and diversity intelligence are fostered through an array of co-curricular activities and intercultural exploration.


Credit bearing diversity-related courses, minors and programs

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  • Minors
    • African/African American Studies: This program, developed in 1994, takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African and African-American experiences, connecting the past with the present. The program is highly recommended for students majoring in education, human services, political science, English, history, international studies, communications and other programs leading to work with multicultural communities.
    • American Studies: American Studies is the interdisciplinary study of American culture. The minor provides an opportunity for students to meld interests in the culture and history of the United States in a way that they cannot in single, traditional disciplines. American Studies also provides a place for investigating American culture in the rest of the world and throughout history, ranging from its significance during the age of exploration to its current influence in the global experience.
    • Asian Studies: The Asian Studies program offers a minor, which is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the history, geography, religion, languages, philosophy, economics and societies of this vast, diverse continent. Students can choose from a wide range of courses dealing with topics including:
      • Asian literature
      • Asian-American film
      • Zen Practice
      • Buddhist Traditions
      • Hindu Traditions
      • Culture and history of South and East Asia
      • Environmental issues in Southeast Asia
      • Contemporary politics in India and Pakistan
      • Chinese language and geography
    • German Studies: German Studies program at Elon University promotes the study of German-speaking countries from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Curriculum and pedagogy are informed by the interdisciplinary stances of the Modern Language Association, the German Studies Association, and the American Association of Teachers of German, which assert the necessity of translingual and transcultural competence.
    • Italian Studies: The Italian Studies minor provides students with a knowledge of the Italian language and culture based on many different perspectives. It focuses on the study of Italy from a variety of perspectives: linguistic, literary, cultural, historical, artistic, philosophical and political. Study abroad in Italy is very strongly encouraged.
    • Latin American Studies: The Latin American Studies minor offers an opportunity to study one of the most diverse and fascinating regions of the world. It enables students to supplement their major with coursework in two or more disciplines that explore the ways in which Latin Americans have expressed their culture and identity through language, literature and the arts.
    • Peace and Conflict Studies: The Peace and Conflict Studies minor is a broad and interdisciplinary program designed to promote a critical, holistic, and intellectually rigorous understanding of:
      1. the complex nature, causes, and modes of expression of violence and conflict and the ethical debates surrounding the use of violence;
      2. the history, philosophy, and strategies of nonviolent action and resistance;
      3. the conditions to create and promote peace, justice, and conflict resolution.
    • Poverty and Social Justice Studies: The mission of the Poverty and Social Justice program at Elon is to educate students about the multiple causes and structural nature of poverty so that they might work more effectively toward its end. Through coursework and an internship, students from any major can learn about how citizens can understand, encounter and advocate for the poor, both in the U.S. and globally.
    • Public Health Studies: Public Health Studies prepares students with the knowledge and skills to address the public health challenges of the 21st century. Students apply interdisciplinary approaches and the population health framework to the analysis of the determinants of health and disease and to interventions to eliminate or control diseases and other health impairing conditions. The pursuit of health equity at the local, national, and global levels is emphasized.
    • Women's/Gender Studies: Elon's Women's/Gender Studies program offers engaging courses that analyze women's lives, men's lives, gender, inequality and sexuality from a variety of different disciplines, enabling students to integrate their learning and put their knowledge into action.
  • Study USA: The United States has been described as one of the most diverse nations in the world. While Elon University is well recognized as a leader in the field of Study Abroad, we also know that one does not have to travel far to experience varied culture, geography, or climate. There are a wealth of educational resources located between Fairbanks & Ft. Lauderdale, from Bar Harbor to Burbank, or from the Haw River to Honolulu.
  • Study Abroad: The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center is Elon’s hub for international activity, including development and coordination of student opportunities abroad, services for international students and scholars, facilitating faculty opportunities abroad, and programming directed towards the development of an internationalized campus. Elon's plan for Comprehensive Internationalization is available for the public online.
  • Winter Term Theme: Elon strives to provide students with an education preparing them to be global citizens and informed leaders motivated by concern for the common good. The university seeks to foster respect for human differences, passion for a life of learning, personal integrity, and an ethic of work and service. Studies show that engagement across difference yields significant educational gains, including in critical thinking skills. This combination of goals – and the reality of the diverse and interconnected world we live in – inspire this effort to “learn, engage, and appreciate.”
  • Inclusive Classroom: In inclusive classrooms, all students feel supported to learn and explore ideas, safe to express their views in a civil manner, and respected as individuals and members of groups; they view themselves as people who “belong” in a community of learners. Inclusive classrooms support rigorous academic work and deep learning by all students.
  • Diversity Infusion Grant: The Diversity Infusion Project’s purpose is to develop and implement strategies to infuse the curriculum and pedagogies of the University with the best practices related to human diversity, broadly defined.


  • History & Heritage Calendar
    • Black History Month: During the month of February, the Black History Month Steering Committee leads the main campus, Elon Law, our graduate and professional schools in a series of premier events that celebrate and bring heightened awareness and understandings to African, African-American and African diasporic cultures.
    • Hispanic History Month
    • Women's History Month
    • Pride Week
  • Cultural Calendar


  • ADL Campus of Difference Program: A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE™ is a diversity education session created by the Anti Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is a leader in the development and delivery of anti-bias training and resources for college and university campuses throughout the United States. On Elon’s campus, this session invites faculty and staff to explore the impact of stereotypes, bias and discrimination on individuals and on the entire campus climate.
  • Diversity Dialogues and Cultural Communications
  • Diversity Emerging Education Program (DEEP)
  • SafeZone
  • SPARKS! Peer Education: The purpose of SPARKS (Students Promoting Awareness, Responsibility, Knowledge, and Success) is to advocate and facilitate healthy lifestyle choices, personal safety, and personal well being. Through education and awareness we hope to connect students to campus and community resources, enabling academic and social success.