Positive Community Building Resources

Community Service & Philanthropy

Community service and philanthropy are important to engage students, faculty, staff and community partners in service that benefits the university and its surrounding community. Different opportunities can be found at the Kernoodle Center for Service Learning Or The Center for Leadership

Service Learning Trips

The Kernodle Center for Service-Learning and Elon Volunteers! offers students the chance to take service out on the road. Planned and led by student volunteers, these trips allow students to face pressing social issues in the national and international community. This is a positive way of strengthening relationships while helping to better the community. These different alternatives can be found at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/students/servicelearning/default.xhtml


Mentoring can be a positive way to make a student feel included and make valuable friendships. Responsibilities can include responsibility for teaching the new member about the values of the organization and monitoring the new member's participation and academic performance to ensure they meet the minimum requirement for the organization.


The Burlington area offers many different avenues of entertainment. Have a movie night, go out to dinner, shop, play a sport or just have a fun hang out night. 

Share Common Activities

Community building is an important aspect in the Elon experience. This could be sports, studying, or simply hanging out or getting food.


Hold formal initiation rites that have a quality of solemnity. Formal attire and symbolic actions (e.g., taking an oath or signing a document) may be integrated into the ritual.  

Invite alumni to address the new member group as part of the initiation.  

Have representatives from the new member group speak about the meaning of their experience and hopes for the future.

Accountability Practices

Give new members mentors, and clearly define the rules/guidelines of the organization

Have each new member meet with his or her mentor on a weekly basis to review the new member's knowledge of the group and its members.

Outdoor challenges

Elon Outdoors gives students several opportunities to experience nature outside of campus. Program offerings include canoeing, climbing, kayaking, backpacking, indoor climbing, white water rafting and sailing. These different options can be found at: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/students/campus_recreation/Outdoor/

Athletic competitions

There are many different athletic events new members and students can participate in. New members can compete against current members in sports, outdoor recreation, or even laser tag.