It is the responsibility of all student organizations and campus programs to cultivate and encourage an environment of learning, personal growth and respect for the individual, the organization’s values, and the Elon University Honor Code. There are a number of activities that are constructive parts of a member/new member process and will contribute to you becoming a more active and productive member of your student organization. Activities should support and encourage you; they should not “break you down” in order to “build you up.”  If you are asked/required to participate in activities that are troubling rather than supportive, they may constitute hazing.  A simple test to determine whether an activity may be hazing is to ask:

  1. Does participation in the activity further the success and welfare of three entities- you, the organization and the university?
  2. Would you be comfortable telling the dean of students and your family about the activity?

Listed below is a Member/New Member Bill of Rights that specifically outlines activities student organizations cannot require of you. If they do so, the organization and the individual member(s) in question are subject to significant consequences up to and including the organization’s permanent loss of recognition at Elon, (if applicable) the removal of a fraternity/sorority chapter’s charter, and/or individual students being suspended/permanently separated from Elon. New members involved in “hazing” activities may also be subject to sanctions related to Code of Conduct violations. Please study your rights and make certain that they are not violated.

No new or current member shall be required by any person or persons to perform an act that:

  1. interferes with the academic process by causing the member to miss or be ill-prepared for classes, labs, study sessions, exams or required speakers or other academic activities.
  2. leads the member to violate Elon policies or state/federal laws, including improper use of a vehicle, the use of drugs or alcohol, or directly or indirectly pressures the member to consume alcohol.
  3. prevents the member from getting appropriate amounts of sleep or takes so much of the new member’s time that they cannot fully participate in curricular or co-curricular activities.  (REMINDER: No activities may be planned between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.)
  4. places the member in physical danger or at risk of injury.
  5. places emotional stress upon the member or jeopardizes their sense of dignity and well-being (including but not limited to being asked harassing or unanswerable questions, performing acts of servitude, or interfering with a student’s normal daily routine).
  6. prevents the member from maintaining their personal hygiene.
  7. requires a member to be blindfolded their head being covered. (Exceptions related to blindfolds are made for low ropes courses with trained facilitators, or as officially prescribed in writing for inter/national ritual.)
  8. involves the abandonment of members, thereby requiring them to find their own way back to campus.
  9. requires members to attend unscheduled “call-down” meetings or involuntary excursions.
  10. requires members to sleep in the house/suite/apartment together for any length of time without written permission from Elon (and their inter/national office if applicable).

Any questions regarding hazing, violation of members’ rights, or other questionable activities should be reported through the online reporting system or by calling the HAZING HOTLINE at (336) 278-HAZE (4293).