Hazing is incompatible with Elon’s values and a violation of the Code of Conduct.  Every student is expected to live by those values and work to ensure their organizations establish positive community building activities.  Although not required, we encourage all organizations and members to commit to these efforts as a group.  The following statement can be signed each year as a strong commitment to respecting all members of the organization and living our Honor Code:

I (First and Last Name), as a member of (Name of Organization), have read Elon University’s policies against hazing.  I agree that hazing is harmful for students, harmful for our community, and contrary to the values and Honor Code of Elon University.

By signing this pledge, I commit to lead by example and will not support, condone or participate in any hazing activities throughout my involvement in student organizations, sports clubs, or athletic teams. I commit to building positive relationships throughout my involvement in student organizations, sports clubs or athletic teams.