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Examples of Current Substance Abuse Prevention Efforts

Examples of academic involvement:

• Interested faculty attend workshops on how to bring prevention into the classroom.
• All first year and transfer students are required to complete an online alcohol education program.

Examples of student involvement:

• First year students participate in health promotion and risk reduction programs during orientation.
• SPARKS! Peer Educators present alcohol education programming in many first year classrooms.

Examples of institutional support:

• The position of Substance Education Coordinator is funded by and housed in the Division of Student Life.
• The Office of Student Conduct uses a three tier judicial process that includes fines, parental notification, and different levels of alcohol education corresponding with the severity of the offense.
• The Office of Substance Education provides small grants to student organizations who want to host substance free events. These grants are funded by fines collected as penalties for alcohol-related offenses.

Examples of risk management:

• Student organizations that host parties where alcohol is present must complete risk management training.
• Student functions that include alcohol require insurance and paid security.