Emergency Response Plan

Elon University recognizes its responsibility to effectively manage campus emergencies, and for this purpose, has developed a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (the plan). The plan has been developed and approved by university officials.

University officials recognized that the plan should be consistent with, and closely linked to, municipal, county and state plans. The plan has been reviewed by Alamance County Emergency Services/Fire Marshal, and the Town of Elon and is an integral part of the county and state emergency management program. The plan is consistent with standard emergency response practices and places the highest priority on the safety and security of the university students, employees and property.

The development of the plan is based on a realistic assessment of potential hazards that could affect the campus, and an assessment of existing capabilities to respond to those situations. The plan addresses prevention, planning, response and recovery as basic elements of emergency management which will lessen the impact and duration of any unusual event.

The plan assigns responsibilities for emergency management to existing university departments and organizations. Mission critical departments maintain standard operating procedures for special situations and they are considered part of the plan.

Elon University is responsible for managing and coordinating, along with local public safety officials, all phases of an emergency that occurs on campus. Assistance may be requested from the town of Elon and Alamance County, and all incidents will be managed using the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Integrated Incident Management System (NIIMS) outlined by federal and state agencies (for help visit www.fema.gov).