In the event of a campus emergency or severe weather announcement, the following systems will be your sources of information:

E-Alert Messaging

Sign up to receive emergency text messages on your cell phone and via e-mail. Sign up for E-Alert. Once you sign up for the service, Elon can text your cell phone and email you timely information about emergencies, class cancellations and important weather updates.


Emergency alerts will be sent via email to all Elon email accounts.

Today at Elon

Emergency information will be posted to Today at Elon, the most reliable and comprehensive source of Elon news and information.

IP Phone Speakers/Voicemail

Telephones throughout campus can receive a mass voicemail message and speakers on IP telephones can be used to broadcast alerts.


A system of outdoor sirens cover Elon’s campus. When in use, warning alarms sound, followed by pre-recorded voice messages warning of tornadoes, hazardous materials, evacuation, a gunman or other urgent general messages. The outdoor siren messages are not meant to be heard inside. These messages are meant to be heard outside to notify you to check other alert notification systems. View warning siren messages.

Telephone Hotlines

Recorded telephone hotline messages on (336) 278-SNOW and (336) 278-RAIN will detail changes in the Elon operating schedule due to inclement weather.