Delays or Closings

Elon University’s Provost and Vice President for Business, Finance and Technology will decide if there is a school delay or a school closing. Elon’s campus remains open during snow storms and other inclement weather to serve resident students and commuters who live near campus.

If regular procedures must be altered, it will be done as early as possible and announced via email, the Elon website, E-Net, Elon’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and on telephone hotlines: (336) 278-SNOW (winter) or (336) 278-RAIN.


If weather conditions are so severe as to render it dangerous for students to reach the university, those who elect not to come to campus on that particular day will not be penalized for failure to do so.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff who live some distance from campus and who might be prevented from safely traveling to campus must contact their respective dean (faculty) or supervisor (staff) and make arrangements to cover their classes or work duties.

Elon faculty and staff are expected to be prudent, but take all reasonable measures to reach campus during inclement weather. Administrative offices will open at 8 a.m. unless announced otherwise. A member of administrative or support staff who chooses not to report for work when Elon is open, must take a vacation day.

Campus Delay Plans

Campus Closings

If Elon University must be closed, for whatever reason, staff is still needed on campus to provide service to Elon students and personnel living on campus. Selected personnel in each of the areas listed below will be notified of their “emergency” status in advance of an inclement weather event. Emergency personnel include selected individuals from these areas:

  • Facilities Management
  • Security
  • Telephone services
  • Aramark
  • Residence Life
  • Campus Recreation
  • Moseley Center
  • Library
  • Health Services
  • Provost & Deans’ Offices
  • Technical personnel
  • Tram/bus operators