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Responsible Hosting Tips for Students, By Students

Note: The views expressed on this webpage do not represent the views of the university but rather the views of student authors.

It is not a new discovery that when many students enter the college atmosphere they believe it is a right of passage to consume alcohol, whether legally or illegally.  This activity leads many schools student conduct officials to hire law enforcement to monitor whatever is going on both on the campus of a university and off.  At Elon University, all students acknowledge the presence of the town and school police, but many still tread on the line that divides safe from unsafe actions while consuming alcohol.  As students tread on this line, it is just a matter of time until they get caught participating in illegal underage drinking in dorms owned by the University.  Even if you are participating in this activity, there are multiple ways to prevent getting in trouble and to drink safely.

First off, let me state that I live in the Danieley Suites so these methods are coming from that type of perspective.  When having people over to drink on any given night, the first thing a student should try to do is keep the people in the back rooms of the suite.  This allows the noise level (which is usually the cause of an appearance from the RAs) to be drastically reduced.  The second thing a student should do is be sure to always know who is coming into your suite.  If you do not know a person who is coming into your suite, then you really do not know what they are going to bring to the party.  A third tactic you should use to safely consume alcohol is to be sure to keep the room tidy.  If the RAs come by at any point and knock on your door and see a rogue beer can or any illegal paraphernalia, your night is surely taking a turn for the worst.  Campus Security will most likely be called and they could write every person in the suite up unless they can prove that they were not drinking alcohol. Just remember, keep the numbers and the noise down!

- Tommy Kenney, Danieley Resident, Class of 2016

Rules for On-Campus Host Responsibility:
1. Students are responsible for everything that comes in and out of their dorm room.  Even if you do not own whatever is coming in and out.
2. There is a limit of 20 people allowed in one Danieley suite at a time, 12 people in Danieley apartments, and no more than 6 in normal dorm rooms.
3. If anything is damaged in your room/suite by someone, you are still responsible for it.

Rules for Off-Campus Host Responsibility:
1. Students living off campus must still abide by Elon University rules, even though their house or apartment is not owned by the school itself.
2. Elon town police are the enforcers of the law when dealing with off-campus housing.
3. Anything that goes on in or around your house you are responsible for, so try to abide by the same rules and regulations as the on-campus folks.