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  1. In My Words: A free press is essential to democracy

    In this column distributed by the Elon University Writers Syndicate, Dean Rochelle Ford of the School of Communications makes the argument that the freedom of the press is a cornerstone of a free society. 

  2. In My Words: The immigrant experience, 40 years on

    In this column distributed by the Elon University Writers Syndicate, Professor of English Rosemary Haskell recounts her own immigration story and how her thoughts returned to that experience after recently meeting someone on a similar journey.

  3. The Conversation: How free should speech on campus be?

    In this piece written for The Conversation, President Connie Ledoux Book joins the presidents of the University of Washington and Bowdoin College in reflecting how free speech should be treated on college campuses. 

  4. In My Words: Roe v. Wade's Unlikely Champion

    A newspaper column by Associate Professor Andy Haile points to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court that indicate an overturn of Roe v. Wade isn't a foregone conclusion simply because of the court's pending conservative majority.

  5. In My Words: One problem with Facebook is us

    In this column distributed by the Elon University Writers Syndicate, Enrique Armijo, associate dean for academic affairs and an associate professor at Elon Law, examines the recent revelations about Facebook data that was leveraged by the analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.  

  6. Lang Hilgartner: Poetic Encounters with the Holocaust

    Quiqui Lang Hilgartner, adjunct instructor in world languages and cultures, discusses how her summer translation project with a Sephardic Holocaust suvivor has changed her perspective as she begins this new school year.

  7. In My Words: Dispatches from the front

    Religious Studies Professor Jeffrey C. Pugh writes about his experience as a counterprotestor in Charlottesville, Virginia, the hatred he experienced and what he believes was driving it.