Working Groups Summit helps shape 2025 Sustainability Master Plan

Members of the master plan working groups gathered to provide feedback on draft goals and strategies for Elon's next campus wide Sustainability Master Plan.

Working group members including students, faculty and staff met on Friday, April 12, for the Sustainability Master Plan Working Groups Summit. The summit, held as part of a broader master planning process, served as a platform for participants to provide feedback on draft goals and strategies developed by the working groups.

The working groups were formed to help develop goals and strategies across six key areas: academics, administrative services, engagement, facilities, transportation and waste reduction.

Senior Director of Sustainability Elaine Durr said the summit was an important and significant step in the planning process. “It allowed each working group to get feedback from a variety of perspectives across campus, which will be helpful as the working groups consider revisions to the draft goals and strategies,” Durr said.

Throughout the interactive summit, participants engaged in discussions and offered insights and perspectives aimed at refining the draft goals and strategies. From expanding engagement in sustainability focused programming to enhancing waste reduction efforts, the summit showcased Elon’s dedication to fostering a culture of sustainability across campus. Each working group will continue to review and prioritize the feedback it received in a subsequent meeting.

The 2025 Sustainability Master Plan offers the opportunity to imagine and support Elon’s sustainability efforts in 2035, just two years before Elon’s carbon neutrality date.

For more information on the Sustainability Master Plan and its progress, please visit the SMP webpage.