Sustainability Master Plan 2025

In fall 2023, Elon University began the plan development process to create the university’s next campus wide Sustainability Master Plan (SMP).

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Current Sustainability Master Plan

An updated Sustainability Master Plan was completed in 2015. It was developed by the Office of Sustainability and 2014-2015 Environmental Advisory Council. The updated plan builds upon the successes of the initial plan and focuses on the next 10 years.

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Progress on implementation of the Sustainability Master Plan is ongoing. Of the 147 specific strategies identified in the plan, 46% are underway, while 38% are complete and 16% are not started.



Below are some of the highlights from implementation of the plan:


  • Since FY 14-15 when the Sustainability Master Plan was developed, the campus’ energy consumption per square foot has decreased 16%.
  • Since FY 2008, Elon’s GHG emissions have decreased 26%. This decrease is mostly due to the source of Elon’s purchased electricity being less carbon intensive and the purchase of verified carbon offsets for the Carbon Neutral Global Engagement Initiative (CNGEI).
  • In April 2024, Elon announced a partnership with eight other colleges and universities for a large-scale solar facility that will provide renewable energy credits.
  • The campus tree management program has expanded to include a tree inventory, an additional Arborist and campus tree care plan.

Planning and Administration

  • Elon’s carbon neutrality by 2037 goal was included in the Boldly Elon strategic plan published in early 2020.
  • A full-time waste reduction and recycling manager position was created and filled.


  • Sustainability has been integrated into all Residence Life Professional Staff and Student Staff training.


  • The Sustainability Faculty Scholars Program has been enhanced to include continuing professional development and collaboration opportunities.

Initial Sustainability Master Plan

Elon University’s initial Sustainability Master Plan was completed by the Environmental Advisory Council in 2007 at the request of President Lambert. It identifies campus practices already in place that were reducing Elon’s environmental impact and lists several recommendations to expand Elon’s efforts.

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