New construction projects and major renovations consisting of 8,000 or more square feet of conditioned, occupied space will achieve LEED certification.

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Elon University’s Sustainability Master Plan (2015) includes an objective to “establish a carbon neutral university by 2037”, which carries over from the initial Sustainability Master Plan (2006-2007).

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Dining services

Elon’s Dining Services has taken on a number of sustainability initiatives.

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Energy use

Since FY 05, Elon’s square footage has more than doubled, yet overall the campus’ energy utilization index (BTU per square foot) has decreased by 34%.

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Landscaping & grounds

Elon is known for having a beautiful campus, which is a Botanical Garden that is maintained in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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Through its purchasing choices, Elon has the ability to influence the market and educate the campus and surrounding community.

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Elon uses technological solutions to reduce paper usage and energy consumption.

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With a goal of climate neutrality by 2037, Elon uses, encourages and supports transportation that reduces carbon emissions.

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Waste reduction

All trash, recycling and composting is managed by Environmental Services.

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Water use

Conserving water is essential in the drought prone southeast. Elon is doing its part in a number of ways.

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