The Event Checklist will help you plan and host a more sustainable event.

Download a printable checklist.


  • Provide food that is vegetarian, vegan, locally sourced, organic, or otherwise sustainable

Reduce Energy Use

  • Plan events outside, when feasible, to avoid using indoor lights and heating/cooling systems

Reduce Landfill Waste from Food

  • Use reusable or compostable service ware
  • Provide convenient, clearly labeled bins; compost bins can be requested from Physical Plant via FixIt
  • Provide tap water instead of bottled or spring water (Mill Point Catering can provide tap water.)
  • Avoid individually packaged food items, such as ketchup packets and single-serving chip bags
  • Order/purchase food and beverages based on expected attendance to minimize

Reduce Landfill Waste from Materials

  • Use signs and decorations that are reusable, recyclable, or made from repurposed materials
  • Minimize paper use by using ½ or ¼ size handouts; print double-sided
  • Ensure recycling bins and compost bins are conveniently located and clearly labeled; call Facilities Management at (336) 278-5500 if proper bins are not provided

Sustainability Communication

  • Make an announcement to inform participants of sustainability efforts at the event (for example, “all service ware is compostable; please use the compost bins provided”)
  • Provide informational signs about sustainable qualities of food or promotional items, e.g., vegan, vegetarian, and local options (Mill Point Catering will provide this information for food options upon request.)


  • Order promotional items and event supplies that have been produced in an
    environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner, including items that can be reused, recycled or composted, and are produced regionally