What is the Database?

The Sustainability Projects Database documents sustainability related class and research projects and identifies areas where additional research or help is needed.

It is a tool for:

  • Generating ideas for class or research projects that contribute to sustainability, especially sustainability at Elon.
  • Ensuring your work around sustainability has a chance of continuing after an original project or research thesis is completed.

What topics can be submitted to the Database?

Submissions to the database can relate to a wide variety of sustainability topics. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals illustrate the breadth of sustainability.

Why use the Database?

Students can:

  • Browse existing projects for ideas or mentors
  • Contribute sustainability related research, class projects or ideas
  • Increase impact by building on existing projects

Faculty & Staff can post project ideas that require student assistance to help with research or implementation.

Who can submit a project or project idea?

Elon Students, Faculty & Staff from any discipline or department can submit to the database.

Log-in to submit to or browse the Sustainability Projects Database here.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected to an Office 365 sign in page. Use your Elon credentials to sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a project and project idea?

Projects are completed or ongoing. Project ideas are just that, ideas. Ideas are typically still in the brainstorm or not yet implemented phases and need more details filled in and/or someone to research the idea more. Anyone can contribute to completing ideas.

What information do I need to submit a project?

Project/Idea Name, 3-4 sentence description, STARS Subcategory, Start & End Date, Advisor, Class/Organization, Project Student Leader, Documentation & Visuals (uploaded attachments such as final reports), Status (Complete, On-going, In Progress, Idea)

What information do I need to submit a project idea?

To help you think through some of the details typically involved in idea implementation, complete the Idea Development Form with as many known details as possible. It does not have to be 100% complete. The idea originator then submits the form to the Database. Once in the Database, others who are interested in working on developing the idea can contact the project idea contacts. The Database entry can be updated by the idea originator or Office of Sustainability staff as work progresses.

Do I need an advisor?

All projects should have an advisor such as a research mentor or class professor. Ideas in their initial stages may not yet have a designated advisor. Note: Office of Sustainability staff & interns can aid in project development but cannot serve as a project’s advisor.

What are STARS subcategories?

STARS – Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System is a self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. The STARS system is divided into subcategories. You can view Elon’s most recent STARS report.

How long will it take to submit a project?

For Projects, 5-10 minutes if supplemental documents such as final reports are complete. Uploading an Idea Development Form will only take a few minutes but completing the form is more time consuming depending on the level of detail.

Can I make changes to my submission? Can others?

Yes, you can edit your submission by clicking on the project title and then the ‘Project Update’ box. Only the student project leader listed and Office of Sustainability staff and interns can edit projects.

Where can I find funding?

The Office of Sustainability does not provide funding for individual ideas or class projects. Elon University Funding Opportunities may include: Undergraduate Research Grants, SGA – Special Allocation Fund, Elon University Innovation House, Elon Maker Hub & Elon Kickbox, Triple Impact Challenge or Elon Innovation Challenge offered through The Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Who on campus can I contact to discuss my sustainability idea?

Department Contact(s)
Landscaping Scott Stevens, Director of Landscaping & Grounds
Utilities/Maintenance Mark Terrell, Utilities Manager
Waste & Environmental Services David Worden, Director of Environmental Services (includes landfill, recycling and compost disposal)
Dining Amanda Cerra (outreach, education) or Mike Bellefeuil (operations), Elon Dining Services
Residence Life residencelife@elon.edu, Global C 103
Student Orgs & Groups Eco-Reps, Sierra Club, Enactus, Sustainable Living Learning Community, Lichens Living Learning Community, KAO – environmental honor society, BBB – Biology honor society and club. Look up contact info on Phoenix Connect.


Why do I need to sign in?

The Database is housed in SharePoint provided by Elon’s Application Technologies department. When submitting a project, users can choose whether to have their project documentation publicly available in the Database.